Callum Walsh stands proudly on top of 60kg podium

Callum Walsh was crowned European Junior lightweight champion in Albena, Bulgaria today

The Cork southpaw beat Stilyan Hristov of Bulgaria to top the 60kg podium at the 21st edition of the tournament.

As predicted by IABA earlier, Ireland finished in 4th spot on the medals table. Russia, Bulgaria, Ukriane, Ireland and England, in that order, commanded the top five positions. Ireland also finished in 4th spot in the rankings table.

A tight and fiery encounter saw Walsh, who boxes out of the Riverstown BC, take all the judges with him en route to gold and his fourth win inside a week.

Walsh’s cleaner shots, particularly in the second and third rounds, secured victory. The Leesider finished out the contest with a sweeping left right on the button to seal a stunning tournament.

Dean Clancy proudly shows off his silver medal today

Earlier, Dean Clancy had to settle for silver.

The Sligo BC flyweight (Ballinacarrow BC) lost on a 4-1 split decision to Boris Kariban.

The Russian southpaw went down under a sweet left in the third but it was ruled a slip. However, the punch clearly contributed to his visit to the canvas.

The first round of an up tempo contest was fairly even, although Kariban’s aggression and accuracy probably edged the opening frame, while Clancy found the target with excellent combinations in the second; Kariban replying in kind in a stanza which could have gone either way.

Clancy had an excellent third, culminating in the left hook that dropped his opponent. Clancy won four out of five fights in seven days in Albena. A magnificent all round tournament for the Sligo prospect.

Ireland, courtesy of Clancy and Walsh, had the highest western European representation in today’s finals.

Billy McClean and Dmitri Dimitruc were working Ireland’s corner in Albena.

The gold and silver medals will see Ireland finish in a top five position, probably 4th, in the medals table (IABA estimate).

The Irish squad are due to arrive home via Dublin Airport via Istanbul at 9.50am tomorrow (September 26th) morning.

European Junior Championships Albena, Bulgaria

September 18th

Preliminaries (Last 32)

46kg Jude Gallagher (Ireland) beat Paul Cameron (England) 5-0
52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Nazar Fadzeyeu (Belarus) 5-0
54kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) beat David Gvasalia (Georgia) 5-0
57kg Mikey Stokes (Ireland) beat Luca Filip (Croatia) TKO1
63kg Peter Vrinceanu (Ireland) beat Luca de Chiava (Italy) 5-0
66kg William Hayden (Ireland) lost to Jaba Tchumbashvili (Georgia) 2-3
70kg Jake Tucker (Ireland) beat Gyula Varga (Hungary) 5-0
80Kg+ Cathal Crowley (Ireland) lost to Aleksei Dronov (Russia) TKO1

September 19th

Last 16

48kg Patrick McCarthy (Ireland) beat Owen Paton (Scotland) 5-0
70kg Jake Tucker (Ireland) lost to Ilia Bogaturev (Russia) 1-4

September 20th

Last 16

46kg Jude Gallagher (Ireland) beat Maksud Khasmetov (Azerbaijan) 4-1
50kg Myles Casey (Ireland) lost to Madalin Popescu (Romania) 0-5
54kg Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) lost to Harry Kinsella (England) 0-5
57kg Mikey Stokes (Ireland) lost to Bakur Chikovani (Georgia) 0-5
75kg Gavin Rafferty (Ireland) lost to Emir Buyukdas (Turkey) 0-5

September 21st


48kg Patrick McCarthy (Ireland) lost to Vakhaev Mukhaed (Russia) 0-5

Last 16

52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Artur Shahakyan (Armenia) 4-1
60kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) beat Racz Kristopher (Hungary) 5-0
63kg Peter Vrinceanu (Ireland) lost to Anatalii Fedotkin (Russia) 2-3
80kg Thomas Doherty (Ireland) beat Sahin Ergul (Turkey) 4-1

September 22nd


46kg Jude Gallagher (Ireland) lost to Luka Kublashvili (Georgia) 1-4
52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Mizan Aykol (Turkey) 4-1
60kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) beat Mehmet Sor (Germany) 3-2
80kg Thomas Doherty (Ireland) lost to Ruslan Shapovalov (Ukraine) 1-4

September 24th


52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) beat Emanuele Massimo (Italy) 4-1
60kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) beat Sino Sabivov (Russia) 3-1

September 25th


52kg Dean Clancy (Ireland) lost to Boris Kariban (Russia) 1-4
60kg Callum Walsh (Ireland) beat Stilyan Hristov (Bulgaria) 5-0

Irish squad

46kg Jude Gallagher (Two Castles)
48kg Patrick McCarthy (Tralee)
50kg Myles Casey (Rathkeale)
52kg Dean Clancy (Ballinacarrow) (Silver)
54kg Brandon McCarthy (St. Michaels Athy) Cpt
57kg Mikey Stokes (Athlone)
60kg Callum Walsh (Riverstown) (Gold)
63kg Peter Vrinceanu (Crumlin)
66kg William Hayden (Crumlin)
70kg Jake Tucker (Holy Trinity) V/Cpt
75kg Gavin Rafferty (St. Cianans)
80kg Thomas Doherty (Baldoyle)
80+kg Cathel Crowley (Spartan)

Team Manager – Peter Brady
Coaches – Billy McClean & Dmitri Dmitruk
R&J – John Casey