Green Light for Women’s Boxing!

Ladies grab your chance to take part in this video challenge developed by EUBC Passion for Boxing and Women’s Commissions for female boxers of European nations, which is supported by Green Hill Sports.

It is called GREEN LIGHT FOR WOMEN’S BOXING! and winners will receive EUR 1000, EUR 500 and EUR 200 worth of credit for Green Hill boxing equipment!

This challenge is intended to stimulate the development of female boxing, but in an unconventional way – by encouraging girls to unleash their creativity and show their personal boxing stories online.

We ask the girls to make their videos about a number of positive values:

– Excellence

– Respect

– Teamwork

– Inclusiveness.

Participants are invited to show how they embrace these values and apply them in boxing and in life.

For details on how to take part, go to or the Instagram page of the EUBC Passion for Boxing Commission – !

This is a great chance for all of our female boxing stars to show their passion for boxing!! Lets get Ireland involved ladies!! #VideoChallenge#Femaleboxing#Passion#EUBC#GreenLight