Athlete Development

Life Skills Programme

The Life Skills programme is designed to meet the personal development needs of our boxers throughout the stages of their careers from junior and development through elite and to life beyond competitive boxing. The principles of the program are to up-skill the boxers, their families and their key influencers in the benefits to a balanced approach to competitive sport and the positive benefits derived from activities surrounding training and competition.

Through the life Skills program, the Irish Institute of sport will work with all athletes no matter what stage of education/vocational/career development they may be at, offering advice and directing athletes based on their individual needs and requirements.

A comprehensive network of contacts across all areas is open as a resource to all athletes regardless of their stage of learning. Practical/vocational learning will be merged with academic learning to give a balance and a full suite of options.

Through the Life Skills program, the Irish Institute of sport will work on a case by case basis with athletes through out their athletic careers with the objective of building the skills necessary to transfer to the working world and to aid this transition as seamlessly as possible. The aim and objective is that each athlete has a potential career path or paths to explore and activate when they so choose to transition.

The Irish Institute of sport and HP unit delivers practical workshops & Learnings and up-skilling opportunities for all boxers in areas which pertain to both athletic career and post athletic career.