Warm Up 12/15 Mins

( General warm up/stretch )

School of Boxing

Juniors 6 X 2 minute rounds

Youths 6 X 3 minute rounds

Round 1

Open round at only 50%.

Round 2

High tempo shadow boxing, movement & feints only.

Round 3

Single punch leads and counters. i.e. lead hand jab to the body followed by a step back or to the side with a counter back hand. Emphasis in this round is on footwork and distance, scoring clean long shots avoiding counter punches and 2nd attack counter punches.

Round 4

Back foot counter punching. i.e. Lead hand feint, followed by step back or to the side ( avoiding opponents counter ) then your own 3\4 punch counter with back hand lead. Emphasis in this round is on drawing opponents lead, stepping off to the side or back, but keeping distance to follow up with counter attack.

Round 5

Close range boxing, with feet planted, good strong stance, chin on chest high guard, throw 3\4 punch combos using short hooks & uppercuts.

Round 6

Open round, all ranges, long medium & short 60/70%.