Irish Boxing Medals Table In Olympic,World and European Competition.

Ireland’s boxers have claimed hundreds of medals in all competitions from the Olympic Games to the European Schools Championships.

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Helsinki 1952
54kg John McNally Silver

Melbourne 1956
67kg Fred Tiedt Silver
51kg John Caldwell Bronze
54kg Freddie Gilroy Bronze
60kg Tony Byrne Bronze

Tokyo 1964
60kg Jim McCourt Bronze

Moscow 1980
51kg Hugh Russell Bronze

Barcelona 1992
67kg Michael Carruth Gold
54kg Wayne McCullough Silver

Beijing 2008
81kg Ken Egan Silver
48kg Paddy Barnes Bronze
75kg Darren Sutherland Bronze

London 2012
60kg Katie Taylor Gold
56kg John Joe Nevin Silver
49kg Paddy Barnes Bronze
52kg Michael Conlan Bronze


1972 West Germany
71kg Tommy Corr Bronze

1989 Russia
64kg Michael Carruth Bronze

1993 Finland
Damaen Kelly Bronze

1997 Hungary
81kg Stephen Kirk Bronze

2001 Belfast
69kg James Moore Bronze

2006 India
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2008 China
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2009 Italy
54kg John Joe Nevin Bronze

2012 Barbados
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2011 Azerbaijan
56kg John Joe Nevin Bronze

2012 China
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2013 Kazakhstan
75kg Jason Quigley Silver
81kg Joe Ward Bronze

2014 South Korea
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2015 Qatar
56kg Michael Conlan Gold
81kg Joe Ward Silver
75kg Michael O’Reilly Bronze

2016 Kazakhstan
64kg Kellie Harrington Silver
60kg Katie Taylor Bronze

2017 Germany
81kg Joe Ward Silver

2018 India
60kg Kellie Harrington Gold


National Stadium Dublin 1939
51kg Jimmy Ingle Gold
57kg Paddy Dowdall Gold
69kg Charles Evenden Bronze

National Stadium Dublin 1947
91kg Gearoid O’Colmain Gold
57kg Peter McGuire Silver

1949 Norway
60kg Maxie McCullough Gold
57kg Dave Connell Bronze

1951 Italy
54kg William Kelly Silver
60kg Dave Connell Bronze
64kg Terry Milligan Bronze

1953 Poland
64kg Terry Milligan Silver
54kg John McNally Bronze

1957 Czech Republic
69kg Fred Tiedt Bronze

1959 Switzerland
51kg Adam McClean Bronze
69kg Harry Perry Bronze
75kg Colm McCoy Bronze

1965 West Germany
60kg Jim McCourt Bronze

1969 Romania
54kg Mick Dowling Bronze

1971 Spain
52kg Neil McLoughlin Bronze
57kg Brendan McCarthy Bronze
54kg Mick Dowling Bronze

1977 East Germany
49kg Phil Sutcliffe Bronze

1979 West Germany
54kg Phil Sutcliffe Bronze

1981 Finland
49kg Gerry Hawkins Bronze

1983 Bulgaria
69kg Kieran Joyce Bronze

1985 Hungary
51kg Sean Casey Bronze

1991 Sweden
57kg Paul Griffin Gold

1993 Turkey
57kg Paul Griffin Bronze

1996 Denmark
51kg Damaen Kelly Bronze

1998 Belarus
75kg Brian Magee Silver

2004 Croatia
75kg Andy Lee Bronze

2005 Norway
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2006 Poland
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2007 Denmark
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2006 Bulgaria
81kg Ken Egan Bronze

2008 England
60kg Ross Hickey Bronze
64kg John Joe Joyce Bronze
75kg Eamonn O’Kane Bronze

2009 Ukraine
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2010 Russia
49kg Paddy Barnes Gold
57kg Tyrone McCullough Bronze
60kg Eric Donovan Bronze
75kg Darren O’Neill Silver
81kg Ken Egan Bronze

2011 Netherlands
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2011 Turkey
64kg Ray Moylette Gold
81kg Joe Ward Gold

2013 Belarus
56kg John Joe Nevin Gold
75kg Jason Quigley Gold
49kg Paddy Barnes Silver
52kg Michael Conlan Silver

2014 Romania
60kg Katie Taylor Gold
69kg Claire Grace Bronze

2015 Turkey
56kg Michael Conlan
Gold 81kg Joe Ward Gold
64kg Dean Walsh Bronze

2016 Bulgaria
75kg Christina Desmond Bronze

2017 Ukraine
81kg Joe Ward Gold
52kg Brendan Irvine Bronze
56kg Kurt Walker Bronze

2019 Belarus
49kg Regan Buckley Bronze
56kg Kurt Walker Gold
75kg Michael Nevin Bronze


2015 Azerbaijan

60kg Katie Taylor Gold
75kg Michael O’Reilly Gold
49kg Brendan Irvine Silver
60kg Sean McComb Bronze

2019 Belarus

57kg Michaela Walsh Silver
60kg Kellie Harrington Silver
69kg Gráinne Walsh Bronze


2003 Strasburg
64kg Paul McCloskey Silver
81kg Ken Egan Silver
54kg Brian Gillen Bronze
60kg Andy Murray Bronze
91kg Alan Reynolds Bronze

2004 Madrid
75kg Andy Lee Silver

2005 Cagliari
81kg Ken Egan Gold
69kg Karl Brabazon Bronze
75kg Eamonn O’Kane Bronze

2006 Italy
63kg Alanna Murphy Bronze

2008 Liverpool
60kg Katie Taylor Gold
50kg Debbie Rogers Bronze

2007 National Stadium Dublin
69kg Roy Sheahan Gold
75kg Darren Sutherland Gold
81kg Ken Egan Gold
57kg Carl Frampton Silver
91kg Cathal McMonagle Silver

2008 Poland
56kg John Joe Nevin Gold
57kg David Oliver Joyce Gold
81kg Ken Egan Gold
49kg Paddy Barnes Silver
91kg Con Sheehan Silver

2009 Bulgaria
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2009 Denmark
57kg David Oliver Joyce Gold
75kg Darren O’Neill Gold
91kg Con Sheehan Gold
52kg Declan Geraghty Silver
54kg John Joe Nevin Silver
69kg William McLaughlin Silver
60kg Eric Donovan Bronze
64kg Philip Sutcliffe Bronze
81kg Ken Egan Bronze

2010 Hungary
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2011 Poland
60kg Katie Taylor Gold
69kg Louise Traynor Bronze
81kg Laura O’Neill Bronze

2013 Hungary
60kg Katie Taylor Gold
69kg Claire Grace Bronze

2014 Bulgaria
60kg David Oliver Joyce Gold
81kg Darren O’Neill Silver
75kg Michael O’Reilly Silver
52kg Hughie Myers Bronze

2017 Italy
54kg Michaela Walsh Gold
60kg Kellie Harrington Silver
69kg Grainne Walsh Bronze

2018 Spain

56kg Kurt Walker Gold
69kg Kieran Molloy Bronze


Singapore 2010
48kg Ryan Burnett Gold

China 2014
60kg Ciara Ginty Silver
81kg Michael Gallagher Bronze

Argentina 2018
57kg Dearbhla Rooney Bronze


1987 Cuba
64kg Eamonn Loughran Silver
71kg Denis Galvin Bronze

1989 Puerto Rico
64kg Eamon Magee Silver

1992 Canada
64kg Neil Sinclair Bronze

2000 Hungary
91kg Colman Barrett Bronze

2002 Cuba
71kg Andy Lee Silver

2008 Mexico
60kg Ray Moylette Gold
64kg Jamie Kavanagh Silver
69kg David Joe Joyce Bronze
81kg Tommy McCarthy Bronze

2010 Azerbaijan
75kg Joe Ward Gold
48kg Ryan Burnett Silver

2011 Turkey
48kg Katie Rowland Bronze
57kg Michaela Walsh Bronze

2012 Armenia
52kg Kurt Walker Bronze

2013 Bulgaria
69kg Christina Desmond Silver

2015 China
54kg Natasha Logan Bronze

2016 Russia
64kg Gabriel Dossen Bronze
75kg Michael Nevin Bronze

2017 India
48kg Caitlin Fryers Bronze
64kg Katelyn Phelan Bronze

2018 Hungary
49kg Jude Gallagher Bronze


2003 Romania
63kg Keith Boyle Bronze

2009 Armenia
71kg Joe Ward Gold

2011 Turkey
60kg Austeja Accuieta Bronze

2013 Bulgaria
60kg Ciara Ginty Gold
48kg Jacqui Lynch Bronze

2013 Ukraine
48kg Willie Donoghue Gold
60kg Kieran Molloy Bronze
75kg Sean Conroy Bronze

2015 China
52kg Niamh Earley Silver
50kg Kelsey Leonard Bronze
66kg Joanne Richards Bronze

2015 Russia
48kg Eamer Coughlan Silver
60kg Paddy Donovan Silver
66kg Paul Ryan Bronze


2012 Russia
75kg Jason Quigley Gold
49kg Hugh Myers Silver

2018 Romania
60kg Amy Broadhurst Gold
75kg Aoife O’Rourke Silver

2019 Russia
60kg Amy Broadhurst Gold


1978 Dublin
54kg Michael Holmes Silver

1980 Italy
57kg Barry McGuigan Bronze
64kg Martin Brereton Bronze

1984 Finland
54kg John Lovey Bronze

1992 Scotland
54kg Frank Slane Bronze

1995 Hungary
91kg Cathal O’Grady Gold

1997 England
71kg Marvin Lee Bronze

2005 Estonia
60kg John Joe Joyce Bronze

2009 Poland
69kg Jason Quigley Gold

2010 France
51kg Katie Rowland Silver
57kg Michaela Walsh Bronze
64kg Sarah Close Bronze
69kg Claire Grace Bronze

2011 Dublin (City West Hotel)
69kg Michael O’Reilly Silver
81kg Gary Sweeney Silver
52kg Joe Fitzpatrick Bronze
75kg Stephen Broadhurst Bronze
91kg Jack Morrissey. Bronze

2011 Netherlands
56kg Kurt Walker Silver

2014 Croatia
60kg John Joyce Silver

2014 Italy
51kg Kristina O’Hara Silver
60kg Cheyanne O’Neill Silver
57kg Amy Broadhurst Silver
48kg Lauren Hogan Bronze

2015 Poland
69kg Michael Nevin Gold
49kg Stephen McKenna Silver
60kg James McGivern Silver
52kg Willie Donoghue Bronze
75kg John Joyce Bronze

2016 Hungary
57kg Amy Broadhurst Gold
69kg Saoirse Dignam Bronze

2016 Russia
60kg Oliver McCarthy Silver
52kg Terry McEntee Bronze

2017 Turkey
69kg Gabriel Dossen Bronze
75kg Jordan Myers Bronze

2017 Bulgaria
48kg Caitlin Fryers Silver
75kg Lauren Kelly Bronze

2018 Italy

48kg Daina Moorehouse Gold
57kg Dearbhla Rooney Silver
64kg Evelyn Igharo Silver
75kg Lauren Kelly Bronze
52kg Dean Clancy Silver
49kg Jude Gallagher Bronze


1998 Latvia
48kg Patrick Maughan Bronze
66kg Ger McAuley Bronze
69kg Ken Egan Bronze

2000 England
57kg Eric Donovan Bronze

2002 Ukraine
51kg Dean Murphy Bronze

2003 Lithuania
52kg David Oliver Joyce Bronze

2004 Russia
70kg Eamon Corbett Silver

2005 Hungary
66kg Michael Collins Bronze

2006 Albania
48kg John Joe Joyce Bronze

2007 Hungary
60kg Patrick Harkin Bronze
63kg David Joe Joyce Bronze

2008 Bulgaria
63kg Joe Ward Bronze

2011 Hungary
50kg John Nevin Bronze
63kg Luke Thomas Bronze
75kg Martin Conroy Bronze

2012 Bulgaria
48kg Jason McKay Silver
75kg Brian Wall Silver

2012 Poland
57kg Amy Broadhurst Gold
70kg Sally Carrig Bronze
75kg Niamh Folan Bronze

2013 Russia
63kg John Joyce Gold
50kg Frankie Cleary Silver
54kg Martin Stokes Silver

2014 Italy
54kg Shaneen Flynn Silver
46kg Shauna Blaney Bronze
60kg Shannon Reilly Bronze
70kg Aoife Burke Bronze

2014 Russia
66kg Michael Nevin Gold
50kg Aaron McKenna Silver
63kg Kieran Molloy Bronze

2015 Ukraine
66kg Jason Harty Gold
80kg Jamie O’Reilly Silver
48kg Lorcan Hurley Bronze
75kg Anthony Jackson Bronze

2015 Hungary
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan Silver
46kg Chloe Callander Bronze
48kg Caitlin Fryers Bronze
50kg Kelsey Leonard Bronze
57kg Orla Garvey Bronze
63kg Katelyn Phelan Bronze
66kg Lauren Kelly Bronze

2016 Hungary
57kg Edward Donovan Gold
46kg Terry Donoghue Silver
66kg Jack Conroy Silver
52kg Martin McDonagh Bronze

2017 Sofia
48kg Daina Moorehouse Gold
75kg Aoibhe Carrabine Gold
46kg Ciara Breen Bronze
50kg Catherine Blaney Bronze

2017 Bulgaria
60kg Callum Walsh Gold
52kg Dean Clancy Silver

2018 Russia
46kg MIchael Donoghue Bronze
52kg Jon O’Connell Bronze
57kg Barry O’Connor Bronze
80kg Patrick Myers Silver

2019 Romania
48kg Robyn Kelly Bronze
50kg Chloe Gabriel Gold
54kg Aaliyah Butler Bronze
63kg Winnie McDonagh Silver
66kg Tiegan Farrell Bronze
75kg Dearbhla Tinnelly Bronze
48kg Michael Donoghue Gold
57kg Martin McCullough Bronze
66kg Taylor Guiney Bronze


2006 Italy


54kg Ryan Lindberg Silver
57kg John Murray Bronze
60kg John Joyce Bronze

2007 Poland


54kg Marc McCullagh Bronze
66kg Lauren Kelly Bronze

2013 Hungary


48kg Kristina O’Hara Gold
57kg Niamh Ball Silver
54kg Christine Gargan Bronze
69kg Christina Desmond Bronze


54kg Grainne Gavin Gold
57kg Amy Broadhurst Gold
63kg Ciara Sheedy Silver
60kg Ciara Ginty Bronze
66kg Leah Doyle-Roche Bronze


(Regraded as European Junior Championships)

2007 Italy
48kg Peter Brady Silver
63kg David Joe Joyce Silver


(Schoolgirls made their debut at this level in 2018)

2003 Rome
70kg David Joyce Gold
50kg Carl Frampton Silver
52kg John Joe Joyce Bronze
54kg David Oliver Joyce Bronze
57kg John McDonagh Bronze
66kg Keith Boyle Bronze

2004 Hungary
40kg Willie O’Reilly Gold
68kg Stephen O’Reilly Gold
65kg Darren Cruise Silver
38.5kg Ryan Brady Bronze
52kg Paul Broadhurst Bronze

2005 Russia
52kg Darragh Power Silver
48kg David Joe Joyce Bronze
56kg David Joyce Bronze
59kg Bernard Roe Bronze
68kg Tommy McCarthy Bronze

2006 Ukraine
3kg Anthony Upton Bronze
54kg Tommy Kiely Bronze
56kg Fergal McRory Bronze

2007 England
44.5kg Michael O’Reilly Gold
48kg Michael McDonagh Gold
56kg Joe Ward Silver
40kg George Bates Bronze
52kg Chris Mullaly Bronze
50kg Christy Joyce Bronze
62kg Ray Ginley Bronze
68kg Dan O’Brien Bronze

2008 Serbia 2008
54kg Dylan Carr Bronze

2009 Russia
56kg Victor Medvediuc Bronze
59kg Gerard Whitehouse Bronze

2012 Bulgaria
41.5kg John Joyce Bronze
50kg Wayne Kelly Bronze
72kg Michael Gallagher Bronze

2011 Russia
48kg John Joyce Gold
44.5kg James Cleary Silver
76kg Matthew Burke Silver
52kg Tiernan Bradley Bronze
54kg Craig Bonney Bronze
49kg Lewis Crocker Bronze
65kg Sean Conroy Bronze
68kg Keelan Sexton Bronze

2012 Russia
46kg Oliver McCarthy Gold
48kg James McGivern Gold
52kg Michael Nevin Gold
50kg John Sweeney Silver
40kg Francie Stokes Bronze
56kg Kieran Molloy Bronze
59kg Brett McGinty Bronze
65kg Darragh Murray Bronze
72kg Nevan Fannon Bronze
76+kg James Clarke Bronze

2013 Dublin (City West Hotel)
46kg Aaron McKenna Gold
59kg Jordan Myres Gold
40kg Barry McReynolds Silve
43kg Sean Whelan Silver
54kg Paul Ryan Silver
48kg Jamie Harty Silver
50kg Jason Harty Silver
41.5kg Tiernan Bradley Bronze
65kg Leon Gallagher Bronze
68kg Jordan Joyce Bronze

2014 Hungary
41.5kg Brandon O’Brien Silver
46kg Barry McReynolds Silver
40kg Luke Hurley Bronze
48kg Michael Delaney Bronze
63kg Kane Tucker Bronze
76kg Michael Walsh Bronze
76+kg Tom Gavin Bronze

2015 Russia
40kg Steve Cairns Silver
43kg Brandon McCarthy Silver
65kg Ethan McGuckin Silver
76kg Michael McDonald Silver
68kg Francis Quinn Bronze

2016 Croatia
65kg William Hayden Gold
68kg Jason Myers Gold
48kg Cian Lewis Bronze
54kg Francis Maughan Bronze
56kg Patrick Collins Bronze
59kg Jason Irwin Bronze

2017 Romania
46kg Patrick Sweeney Silver
50kg Patrick Donovan Silver
59kg Eoghan Lavin Silver
40kg Brooklyn Saunders Bronze
41.5kgJake Charkes Bronze
44.5kg Cahir Gormley Bronze
52kg Cain Lewis Bronze
56kg John Ward Bronze

Bulgaria 2018


54kg Yasmin Meredith Gold
57kg Kaci Crowley Gold
63kg Winne Christina Gold
67kg Dearbhla Tinnelly Silver
70kg Nasya McJin-Igelige Silver
36kg Katie O’Keeffe Bronze
42kg Nora Jackman Bronze
45kg Robyn Kelly Bronze
48kg Robyn Murran Bronze


40kg Michael Faulkner Gold
50kg James Donovan Silver
76kg Curtis Darcy Silver
54kg John Fay Bronze
72kg Tyler Meade Bronze
76kg Curtis Darcy Silver

Georgia 2019


40kg Roy Farrelly Colgan Bronze
41.5kg Sean Tyndall Silver
56kg Laurence Connors Bronze
62kg Micheal McCarthy Silver
68kg Thomas Ward Bronze
76kg Caolan Devlin Bronze
90kg Adam Olaniyan Gold


36kg Carlagh Mullarney Bronze
38kg Caoimhe Kinsella Gold
40kg Shakira McCrudden Bronze
42kg Katie O’Keeffe Silver
44kg Esther Lambe Silver
46kg Carleigh Irving Bronze
48kg Nora Jackman Bronze
51kg Georgia Dunne McGovern Silver
57kg Alicia King Bronze
60kg Gabrielle Mongan Bronze
64kg Ava Rose Henry Lyndon Silver