A synopsis from the Central Council meeting, Saturday 25th July 2020, at the Ringside Club adjacent to the National Stadium

(Main image: Saturday’s Central Council meeting)

Dr.Martin Garvey gave a brief talk about Covid-19 to all present. He said he is willing to hold seminars around the country if requested. Only Munster and Leinster have availed thus far.

The President Dominic O’Rourke spoke of grant money which may be made available this coming Tuesday. If the government releases this money, another Central Council meeting will take place next Saturday to discuss the next steps.

All clubs hoping to return must complete all the protocols laid down by the IABA (see below protocols) and then forward on their Covid-19 Club Declaration form with all named Covid-19 Officers and a club committee member to paddy@iaba.ie and info@iaba.ie Without these forms being returned, no club is allowed to reopen and they will also not be covered by insurance.

The Connacht Council had created a Risk Assessment template for the structure and organisation of potential provincial championships in their unit during Covid-19. The President praised the work of all involved in creating the document and asked for feedback from members on it.

The President made it very clear that clubs were not allowed to spar or to do pads with boxers.

Finances for boxing were down due to poor attendance, at Elite Championships in particular, and a poor uptake in the season tickets and in the special club offers available for attending championships in the stadium.

The President said that there will be no Championships until all the 6 Units are back. The President said we will have to await HSE clearance before announcing anything further.


Paddy Gallagher

National Secretary

Return to Boxing Protocols

  1. Boxing Clubs MUST appoint an assigned COVID-19 Officer(s)
  2. Boxing Clubs MUST appoint a COVID-19 Committee
  3. Boxing Clubs MUST complete the Covid-19 club Risk Assessment
  4. Boxing Clubs MUST ensure all members have completed and signed the Members Covid-19 Declaration form. For under 18 years of age boxers, this must also be signed by their parent/guardian.

This form must be kept for 12 months in a digital file which is password protected. After 12 months, the digital file should be deleted. This is the responsibility of the Covid Officer.

  1. Boxing Clubs MUST ensure a Members Questionnaire is completed by all persons, every time, prior to attending the club

The Covid Officer will keep this information stored on a password protected digital file for 15 days after which time it shall be deleted.

  1. Boxing Clubs MUST ensure that a contact tracing register is kept

This form must be kept for 1 month in a digital file which is password protected. After 1 month, the digital file should be deleted. This is the responsibility of the Covid Officer.

  1. Boxing Clubs MUST ensure that the contact details for all members are up to date as this will assist with contact tracing should it be necessary. For all boxers under 18 years, a parent/guardians number is kept.
  2. Boxing Clubs MUST ensure that sufficient HSE and/or NHS Covid-19 information posters are in place

Only when all of the above are in place and the persons responsible for club activities are up to date with all Covid-19 return to sport guidelines as issued by the IABA while also keeping themselves informed of the latest HSE/NHS guidelines, can the club look to reopen. This is achieved by completing the Club Covid-19 Declaration form.

· Ensure that the Club Covid-19 Declaration form is completed and returned to info@iaba.ie and paddy@iaba.ie If a number of certified Covid-19 Officers are in your club, they should all sign and date the Club Covid-19 Declaration form before a copy of that form is returned.