IABA Confirms Further Easing Of Covid 19 Restrictions In Boxing Settings.

IABA is pleased to announce a further easing of Covid 19 restrictions, from today, as they apply to boxing training and competition.

In doing this, IABA continues to emphasise the importance of personal responsibility among boxers, their parents, coaches, and volunteers in continuing not to attend any boxing event if they feel in any way unwell.

Government advises sporting bodies, including the IABA to continue to risk assess individual activities and events. This includes the continued implementation of good hygiene practices along with recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities.

In January, the following restrictions were removed:

1.       Formal requirements for physical distancing of 2 metres removed

2.       8pm closing time for sporting events removed

3.       Capacity restrictions for outdoor sporting events removed

4.       Capacity restrictions for indoor sporting events removed

5.       Seated only spectators at indoor sporting events removed

6.       Use of pods for indoor sporting activities removed

7.       Use of a COVID pass to access indoor events removed

Today, IABA is confirming:

Ø  Mask Wearing: This requirement is now lifted in boxing settings, although it is very important to note that boxers, coaches and volunteers may continue to wear masks, if they wish to do so. Clubs should support the choice of any individual who wishes to continue to wear a mask in training.

Ø Covid 19 Screening: Clubs have been conducting pre-training and pre-competition Covid 19 Screening since clubs re-opened in August, 2020. This requirement is now lifted. IABA would like to thank boxing administrators who conducted and managed Covid Screening.

Ø  International Travel: Organisations partaking in international sporting activity should continue to monitor the travel requirements both in Ireland and the destination country. Sports should also note that the use of the Digital Certificate will continue for international travel for the immediate future. Further information can be found here

Additional Information:

  • Current advice on self-isolation and restriction of movement is here
  • Current advice on close contacts is here
  • All HSE advice, in a variety of languages, is available here

 For clubs in Northern Ireland, all remaining Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted, and the emphasis has moved to personal responsibility. Additional information is available here

 The Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA) would like, once again, to acknowledge and recognise the continued commitment of members and boxing clubs in implementing and supporting the various public health measures.