IABA Covid 19 Resilience Fund Pre-Application Club Questionnaire.

The IABA is applying to Sport Ireland for Covid 19 resilience funding for allocation to clubs, county boards and provincial units.

In 2021, IABA was awarded €259,000 in Covid 19 funding toward equipment for clubs and units. This funded the 2022 allocation of equipment worth €1,000 to 259 clubs/units who successfully applied; in addition, related funding facilitated IABA’s payment of €650 affiliation fees for the 2022/2023 season to re-affiliating clubs.

In 2020, €379,000 was allocated to 200 clubs and county boards under a similar funding stream, on application.

Sport Ireland, in order to consider IABA’s application on behalf of clubs and units, requires information on funding from clubs and units.

If you could complete this survey https://kwiksurveys.com/s/7EPKPmFS  we’d be grateful – the information will be used to support IABA’s application to Sport Ireland for this funding, and the resultant award will be allocated to clubs on an application basis.

There is a tight timeframe to turn this around and submit the application to Sport Ireland, thus a deadline of Friday 14th October at 5pm.

If you could strongly encourage clubs to fill out that would be great.

For additional information, please contact IABA National Development Manager, James Geraghty through james@iaba.ie