IABA Director, Neil Gough: Clubs have the chance to do what is right for Irish Boxing

Neil Gough (R) with Felix Savon; 1993 World Championships, Finland

Member of the IABA Board of Directors, Neil Gough, has shared a message sent to clubs in his region, Waterford/Tipperary, ahead of IABA’s EGM on Saturday, August 26th:

“If your club has registered to vote this Saturday, thank you.

This is an important day for the boxing clubs, and you, the clubs, have the chance to do what is right for Irish Boxing. In the current constitution, the IABA is governed at international level by the IBA and must obey all the rules and regulations set down by the IBA, whether we like it or not. 

The vote to change the constitution is crucial, as It allows the clubs to decide to move to another boxing organisation either now or in the future.  I would urge the Waterford / Tipperary clubs to vote to change the Constitution. 

On the second vote, to join World Boxing. I would ask you to consider the following hypothetical question – If there were 100 nations in World Boxing today, would you be happy to join? If the answer is yes, why are you leaving the IBA? Irish Boxing has been to the fore of international boxing. We are leaders, not followers. Let’s lead again and I genuinely feel if Ireland joins World Boxing, many more nations will soon follow. 

As a director of the IABA and a secretary, coach and general dogsbody of a club, I will do my best to make sure that the clubs will make any significant decision that affects the IABA. The board added the second vote, so the clubs decide on whether we join World Boxing. If the clubs vote to join World Boxing, great. If the clubs don’t, we will remain in IBA. The IABA were happy to be a member of both. However, the IBA will not allow this, not World Boxing. 

I hope as many of the clubs in the Waterford & Tipperary can attend and cast their vote.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have.”

Neil Gough

IABA Director

St. Paul’s Boxing Club, Waterford


Neil Gough (R) with Evander Holyfield, 1995 pre-Olympic training in Atlanta

The purpose of this EGM is to consider two matters. A special resolution and separately a motion.

  1. A special resolution to amend the current constitution of the company so that we have more control over our operations without Constitutional restrictions.
  2. A motion to decide if we should also Affiliate with World Boxing.

That, subject to consent of the Revenue Commissioners, the Constitution of the Company in the redline tracked form attached and marked with the letters “C” be adopted as the revised agreed Constitution of the Company. 


 On 22nd June the IOC withdrew recognition of the International Boxing Association (IBA), in accordance with Rule 3.7 of the Olympic Charter and demonstrates the need for IABA to have the ability to affiliate with other international federations which is precluded by our current Constitution as adopted.

The Board recognises and appreciates the concerns expressed by a number of Members and wishes to reassure Members that the provision would only be utilised in circumstances where the IABA Board felt it was in the best interests of the organization, following a ballot of Members. The proposed special resolution is to amend the Constitution of the Company to allow it to place the promotion of boxing in Ireland uncoupled with obligations that are inconsistent and distinct with those objects which relate to any third-party body. 

The logic is to ensure that we are not restricted in our affiliations and that the members have more autonomy over this decision which currently has no flexibility in the Constitution as adopted.  


Does your club wish IABA to remain a member of the International Boxing Association (IBA) AND affiliate to World Boxing?


Should delegates at the EGM vote in favour of the resolution, the IABA will not resign from the IBA. Members are being asked if they wish the IABA to also join World Boxing. If delegates do not vote in favour of the resolution, IABA will not be able to join World Boxing because of restraints in the Constitution, regardless of the outcome of the vote on this motion.


Time: 12pm

Date: Saturday, August 26th

Location: The National Stadium, Dublin

Registration – Is available here and will close on August 23rd at 12pm.

Eligibility – All clubs who have submitted affiliations for the 2023/2024 season

Attendees: Eligible clubs may nominate any two adult members to attend as delegates – one to be a voting delegate, one to be a non-voting delegate. Delegates nominated by clubs must verified members – this means they must be included in the club’s affiliation application, through Blocworx, for the 2023/2024 season as members and be over the age of 18. *Please note, delegates will be required to present photographic identification (passport, drivers’ licence, etc) on the day of the EGM.  

 Any questions which your club might wish to raise at the EGM the resolution and the motion or any other matter, should be submitted in advance of the EGM, either by post care of The Company Secretary to The National Stadium, 145 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, or by email to questions@iaba.ie no later than Friday, August 18th at 5:00pm. This will facilitate us in providing the fullest response to any queries at the EGM. 

Notice of the Special Resolution for Extraordinary General Meeting

Tracked Draft Amended Constitution August 2023 which is “C” for the purposes of the Special Resolution.

November 2019 Filed Constitution

Notice of Motion for Extraordinary General Meeting

Agenda for EGM