Warm Up 12/15 Mins

( General warm up/stretch )

School of Boxing

Juniors 6 X 2 minute rounds

Youths 6 X 3 minute rounds

Round 1

Open round all in at 50% only.

Round 2

High tempo shadow boxing, movement & feints only.

Round 3

Lead hand only round. Feinting, single jabs, double jabs, triple jabs going forward & back. Straight line movements only.

Round 4

Lead hand feint, followed by step back or to the side ( avoiding opponents counter ) then your own 3\4 punch counter with back hand lead.

Round 5

Close range boxing, with feet planted, good strong stance, chin on chest high guard, throw 3\4 punch combos using short hooks & uppercuts.

Round 6

Putting rounds 3 & 4 together with both attacking & defensive manouvres. For example; single jab, step to side, back hand, lead hand, back hand.

S&C Session


Explosive Sprints/Walking Lunges ( 3 sets of 5 )

Try and find a safe place to run approx. 15 metres.

Walking Lunges for approx. 15 metres, turn and sprint back to starting point, 10 sec break then go again.

Core Exercises

Press ups: 3 X 15 reps

Sit Ups: 3 X 15 reps

Plank: hold for 90 secs X3