Warm Up 12/15 Mins

( General warm up/stretch )

School of Boxing

Juniors 6 X 2 minute rounds

Youths 6 X 3 minute rounds

Round 1

Movement only at 50%, no punching, no feints. Emphasising on defence, so slipping, rolling, stepping off to the side or back, being mindful of guard at all times.

Round 2

Start of high tempo real time shadow boxing, movement & feints only.

Round 3

Lead hand only, using feints etc, feint to head throw to body, feint to body throw to head. Double lead hand going forward, then going back.

Round 4

2nd phase combos. So lead hand single shot drawing opponent in, then either step back or to the side ( slipping their counter ) then come back with 2/3 punch combo, back hand first, then roll off/step off, remembering defence, back into natural stance ready to go again.

Round 5

Pressure/close range round. Short punches, hooks/uppercuts, keeping your chin on your chest with high guard. Look for openings,, feinting, drawing opponent in, moving their guard down with one hand and landing with the other.

Round 6

Open round, all ranges, long medium & short, 60/70%.

S&C Session

Ensure you are well warmed up and stretched, especially your legs to prevent injury.

Shuttle Sprints 5 X 4 sets Junior

5 X 5 sets Youth

Find an area where you can run safely for a distance of approx. 25 metres.

Sprint full stretch the 25 metre distance and jog slowly back, this is your recovery period so remember to breath and get heart rate back down as close to normal as possible, then go again.

Core Exercises

Press ups: 3 X 15 reps

Sit Ups: 3 X 15 reps

Squat thrusts: 3 X 15 reps