BOXING SESSION MORNING – Dynamic warm up: 12 minutes followed by 3 minute stretch.

School of boxing/shadow boxing. (Youths 7 x 3, Juniors 7 X 2 minute. Follow specific changes if given in rounds. 1 minute rest between rounds, sip water between rounds -hydration).

Really visualise your opponent, sharpen your movements, concentrating on good defence, feints and attacks.

Round 1: No punching, just feet movement incorporating defence moves of your choice. Start slow and increase intensity

Round 2: Open round starting slow and increasing intensity.

Progressing from round 1 continue to work on shape and footwork. Ensure you keep fluid movements, hands high, elbows tucked in.

● I to 4 punch combination of your choice.

● Same as above but add defence and double attack with another 3 punch attack of your choice.

Round 3: Counter attacks – Keep changing up attacks.

Continue to work on shape and defence. Don’t lean or fall in when punching to the body.

● Slip & close distance, slip left or right starting with single punch extending to 4 punch combination of your choice.

Round 4: Counter attack skills, Blocks.

Continue to work on shape and defence – Block first!

● Single punches up to a maximum of 3 punches of your choice.

● Progressing from first half, make another block and double attack with another 3 punch attack of your choice.

Round 5: Intense close round

All short, hooks and uppercuts chin down continuous head movement looking for openings. When in close drop you hip & knee for extra leverage for power shots.

1. Shift from left to right unleashing a tirade of mixed punches to both body and head.

2. As above but plant feet and end with a double explosive punch to body either side.

3. As above but bring in same side hook to head after, blows to body.

Round 6: Free Round with intensity and power.

● Incorporate all the above, work hard last round.


2 x 5 minute starting light increasing speed each minute.

Cool down and stretch 10 minutes.



Total Time 60 minutes.

Sip water throughout – stay hydrated!!

Warm up – 10 minutes (General warm up &stretch)

RUNNING – Running at a Good pace for 20 minutes.

3 minute recovery Keep sipping water – Hydration

Core Exercises.

Follow the set of exercises detailed below. Rest for 2 minute and restart for another set.

Knees bent hip distance apart, Neck in neutral position – keep airway open – Imagine an apple between your chin and chest.

● 30 x sit ups knees bent.

● 30 x crunches knees bent, slide fingers up and pulse 1inch just pass knees.

● 30 x legs bent, push arms between legs.

● 30 x Sit up, hands together rotating outside each alternate leg left & right.

● 30 x low sways, side to side touching sides of feet.

● 15 x Right elbow to left knee, 15 x Left elbow to right knee.

● 30 x hold legs 6 inches from floor without dropping extend to open and close.

● 30 x legs criss/cross 6 inches from floor.

● 4 x Criss cross with rise legs for count of four and return to start.

● 4 X SUPERMAN/WOMAN, lie on stomach, breath in raising arms and legs, hold for 3 seconds and return to starting position and you breath out.

Light Jogging on the spot, incorporating arm crosses, trunk twists, criss /cross etc. for 5 minutes until all loose.

Stretch out for 10 minutes incorporating all the body. Pay particular attention to any aches, twinges with your Roller.