Dynamic Warm up: 12 minutes followed by 3 minute stretch.

School of boxing/shadow boxing.

(Youth’s 7 x 3 minute rounds, Junior 7 x 2 minute rounds). Follow specific changes throughout rounds.

1 minute rest between rounds, sip water between rounds -hydration).

Really visualise your opponent when shadow boxing as this will sharpen your movements, concentrating on good defence, feints and attacks.

Round 1: No punching!!

● Work on shape, moving forward and back, side to side, pivoting to change direction, slip and step for angles, concentrate on hands high, elbows tucked in.

● Add extra defence manoeuvres ducks, rolls, slips and flicks of the head.

● Add Feinting skills, feint with your head, shoulders, hands, legs and feet.

Round 2: Feinting skills with Counter attacks –mid distance uppercuts.

Progressing from round 1 continue to work on shape and footwork. Ensure you keep fluid movements, hands high, elbows tucked in.

● Lead hand only show head, visualise opponent coming at you, lean back on back foot whilst bringing up a swift mid-range upper cut with back hand. Move away with high guard.

● Keep fainting lead hand whilst showing Back hand with shoulder movement and twist of waist, as your opponent comes in bring up a lead hand uppercut. Move away with high guard.

● Mix up the two followed by an explosive lead/back hook to the head.

Round 3: Defence skills mid distance attack.

Continue to work on shape and defence. Meet your opponent with solid jabs. Don’t lean or fall in when punching to the body. Mix up the following throughout the round.

● Meet your opponent with mixture of solid jabs (single, double, jab lean jab), add an explosive back hand and move away.

● Meet with 2/1 x5, incorporate all the above and continue to end of round.

Round 4: Counter attack skills, mid distance counter attack.

Same as above but make a slip first! (Really exaggerate the slip) remember to mix up the following throughout the round remember keep good shaper and defence.

● Meet your opponent with single jab

● Meet your opponent with Single jab and back hand.

● Meet with 2/1 x 5, incorporate all the above.

Round 5: Side steps

Keep working on Good Defence – keep your back/lead hand up.

● Meet with same time punch either jab or back hand with side step (remember quick flick of the head from centre, back hand up).

● Add a straight punch to the head – each side.

● Same as first minute but extend with lead and back hand hooks to the head.


Round 6: Mid- close range -Side step, shift with double attack

Keep practising Good defence. Keep mixing up combinations with left and right shifts.

● Same as above but stay in there keeping high guard and shift both left and right for a second 3 punch attack to the body with high guard and continuous movement of head – step back keeping hands high and moving away from your opponent.

Round 7: Free Round

Incorporate all the above, remember to really visualise your opponent attack and counter attack keeping good shape, defence and fluid movement. Cover as much space as possible changing distance and direction.

2 minute rest period, keep sipping water stay hydrated!!

Tennis Ball session – Youths 5 x 3 minute /juniors 5×2 minute rounds – 1 min rest between rounds.

Use as much floor space as possible, plenty of movement, forward and back, side to side, pivot to change direction. Remember Good shape and defence-.

1. Bounce ball lead hand only, keeping back hand up – 45seconds, Bounce ball with back hand only keeping lead hand up – 45 seconds. Alternate for last half.

2. Bounce ball alternating lead and back as above, straight punch, double straight punch of opposite hand.

3. Mix up all the above.

4. Stand still in Front stance – AT Shoulder height fully extend lead hand holding ball, NOTE palm facing down, back hand guarding face. Release and drop the ball, catch the ball with straight back hand whilst rotating your waist. – ALL AT SHOULDER HEIGHT -Alternate the two.

5. Once you have mastered number 4 add movement forward and back, side to side etc.

2 minute recovery.

Cool down and stretch

10 minutes of light skipping for cool down, stretch out your whole body for 15 minutes.

10 minute stretch session work from your feet to the top of your head.

● Really stretch/roll specific areas where you have twinges or past injuries



Total Time 85 minutes.

Sip water throughout – stay hydrated!!

OUTDOOR SESSION, weather permitting!! / Warm up, AMRAP, Cool Down indoors if raining.

Warm up – 10 minutes (General warm up &stretch)

RUNNING – Running at a Good past for 20 minutes.

3 minute recovery

Core Exercises – 10 minute AMRAP x 3 (AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE)

Follow the set of exercises below, no rest continuous for 10 solid minutes, 3 minute rest period between each AMRAP set. (3 sets!!)

● Mountain climber x 10

● Sit Ups X 10

● Press Up X 10

● Tuck Jump (Bring Knees to chest) X 10

● Double legs strides low X 10

● Dips (using bench/ step/stairs X 10

3 MINUTE RECOVERY PERIOD BETWEEN EACH AMRAP. Keep sipping water – Hydration.

Cool Down

5 minutes of light skipping for cool down, 10 minute stretch session work from your feet stretching out all mussels to the top of your head and back down to feet again. Really stretch/roll specific areas where you have twinges or past injuries.