Warm up: 12/15 mins

(General warm up/stretching)

Technical/shadow rounds:

Juniors 6 x 2mins

Youths 6 x 3mins

30secs rest between rounds

Round 1 (single punch attacks/speed)

Fast Single shots at any distance, defend with feet while working on footwork.

Round 2 (single punch attacks, power)

Single power punches at any distance, defend more with head and upper body movement.

Round 3 (3/4 punch attacks, mix power + speed)

Mix combinations between power and speed,

1 punch speed + 2 power

Or 1 punch power + 2 speed

Round 4 (attack, defend, attack)

Be 1st with each attack then defend followed by attack. Example start off with 1 – 2,lean back, then backhand.

Round 5 (open round)

Open round at high pace work on above rounds with high quality of deliverance of punches.

Round 6 (switch stance, open round)

Work at slower pace while continuing to concentrate on good balance and footwork.

2 minute Rest


6 rounds

1min per round

45secs break between rounds

Repeat 3 times

Round 1

30 seconds rolling/slipping 30 seconds push ups

IABA Youth National Team

(Home Sessions)

Round 2

30 secs straight punching

30 secs sit ups

Round 3

30 secs uppercuts

30 secs squat jumps

Round 4

30 secs hooks

30 secs burpees

Round 5

30 secs straight punches + uppercuts

30 secs mountain climbers

Round 6

30 secs rolling + hooks

30 secs sprinting on spot

Cool down/stretch 10mins