Warm up: 12/15 mins

(General warm up/stretching)

Shadow/tec rounds

Shadow/tec boxing

Juniors 7x2mins

Youths 7x3mins

1 minute break

This week we are working on defensive skills. We must defend before each attack and make sure to defensively switch on after out attacks.

Round 1 (defence + movement)

No punching, use all Defensive skill. Slips, rolling, block etc etc..

Round 2 (slip, slip + single punch attack)

Before each attack you must slip 1-2 or 2-1 + counter with 1 punch attack. Example slip 1-2 attack with left hook. Slip 2-1 counter with back hand, change punch every 3 or 4 attacks.

Round 3 (slip, slip + 3/4 punch attack)

Add to previous round, this time counter with 3/4 punch attacks.

Round 4 (Defend on front foot + single punch attack)

Going forward using all defence,(tight guard head moving) for 10/15 secs then counter with single power punch, change power punch every 3or4 times.

Round 5 (Defend on front foot + 2/3 punch attack)

Add to previous round, this time counter with 2/3 punch combo.

Round 6 (Defend on back foot + 1 punch attack)

Going on the back using fast feet and evasive skills to defend, every 10/15 seconds counter with single fast punch.

Round 7 (Defend on back foot + 2/3 punch attack)

Add too previous round, this time every 10-15 second counter with fast 2/3 combo.

3 minute rest

IABA Youth National team

(Home sessions)

Jog 3km


10 x 100 metre jog + 100 metre sprint

Jog 1 length of a football/gaa pitch

sprint 1 length

Rest 30 secs

Repeat 10 times

Cool down/stretch 10mins