IABA Invites Clubs To Sign The Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

Boxing clubs are being invited to sign the Cara Centre’s Sport Inclusion Disability Charter.

IABA became a signatory to the Charter on December 3rd, International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

This charter commits the IABA to:
• Being open and understanding of all people with disabilities.
• Access and create training for all clubs to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities.
• Develop and deliver inclusive boxing activities.
• Review facilities, venues and equipment to make IABA more accessible
• Promote the inclusive nature of Irish Boxing.

Over 20 boxing clubs have already signed up to the Charter – and clubs that haven’t yet done so are invited to consider becoming signatories to the Charter. On a club level, this means:

  • Openness

Be open to and understanding of all people with disabilities

  • People

Access training for our staff/volunteers to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities

  • Activities

Develop and deliver inclusive activities

  • Facilities

Review our facility/venues/equipment to make our organisation more accessible

  • Promotion

Promote the inclusive nature of our activities, in a variety of formats

Accessibility and inclusion take many forms – some clubhouses may be on the first or second floor of buildings without lifts, which may be a barrier to wheelchair users or people with mobility issues. This is not a barrier to inclusion for people with other forms of disability and does not mean a club cannot sign up to the charter.

Clubs can sign the charter here, and find out more information.

And thanks to all of the clubs who took part in the survey on inclusive boxing training. If you have 2 or 3 minutes to spare, I would be grateful for your views. This anonymous survey is available here