IABA mourns the passing of National Safeguarding Manager, Declan Lynch.

IABA is mourning the passing of our wonderful colleague, National Safeguarding Manager, Declan Lynch.

Declan’s life was one of service to his community – foremost as a member of An Garda Siochána in Bray and Greystones for 39 years. Declan was also a member of the Wicklow Sport Partnership for many years, a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Garda Representative Association, a schools basketball coach and a former member of the Boards of Management of two Greystones schools.

Declan volunteered on the committee to host the Croatian team during the Special Olympics and was involved in the Community Games in previous years as a basketball co-ordinator. He was, for a time, Youth Coordinator at Greystones Rugby Club and was a committee member at Greystones United football clubs. Declan was also a key member of the steering committee that delivered, after a years’ long campaign, the Shoreline Centre, a multi-sport and community hub in Greystones. This remarkable achievement was a source of great pride for Declan.

Declan joined IABA in January, 2021, working in the vital and sensitive area of child safeguarding. Many coaches and Secretaries came to know and value Declan over that time – he was a ready listener and loved spending time talking to boxing people. Declan made great strides in ensuring the growth and development of child safeguarding in IABA, which is an important legacy.

Declan is survived by his wonderful family – his wife Majella, his sons Emlyn and Aaron, and his beloved dog, Billy. Declan will be laid to rest on Friday following funeral service in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Funeral arrangements are here, and any who may wish to leave a message of condolence can do so, there.