IABA – Progress to date.

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association has made significant strides towards best practice governance in a few short months and is clearing the road ahead for further progress.

The Board of Directors,  working with the Association’s Executive, staff and Central Council, has been in on-going contact with Sport Ireland to advance IABA towards this standard. As Minister Jack Chambers recently noted, over 70% of reform recommendations have been accepted.

At Board of Directors level, IABA has appointed an interim chair -Tom Geraghty. Some weeks ago, IABA began the process of recruiting a permanent, independent Chairperson, and that process is on-going.

A newly ratified appointee to the Board, Neil Gough, took up his seat last week. Affiliated boxing clubs will shortly be asked to vote to fill two more seats on the Board. Of the three candidates, two have finance and/or governance expertise, a third has notable international and Olympic boxing credentials. Two of the candidates are women. This election of non-Executive Directors is in line with reform recommendations and align with the path adopted by the members at Convention in Bellmullet in 2019.

The Board, working with the Executive and Central Council can also confirm that Championship & Competitions, Athlete Performance & Selection, Coaching and R&J committees are in the process of establishment, with staff support. These committees, all of which are vital governance milestones, will shortly be populated and will oversee growth and development in these areas of our sport.

The Central Council, and National Secretary Antoinette Fay McClean, has reformed the coach education pathway working collaboratively with staff. The pathway was formally announced in August the first 5 Fundamentals: Assistant Coach course will take place over the next five weeks, in Dublin, Connacht and Ulster. Level 1 and Level 2 coach education courses are being developed, in partnership with staff, to meet Sport Ireland coach education standards. They will be unveiled in 2023. IABA Coach Tutors are also undergoing Disability Inclusion Training, to infuse Fundamentals, Level 1 and Level 2 coach qualifications with inclusion principles.

IABA Interim Chairperson, Tom Geraghty, says “We’ve made significant progress in the last three and a half months, and we recognise there is more progress to be made. Recruitment and elections to the Board of Directors are cornerstone of that progress. Equally important is the establishment of committees to oversee competition elements of our sport. High quality officiating and coaching education will also ensure Irish boxing remains at its very high standard and will be equipped to aim even higher in the future because of the protocols and structures being developed today.”

Interim CEO, John Nangle says “Clubs are the lifeblood of our sport, and the Association. In the coming weeks, we will seek the views of clubs on governance reform and their opinions on the path of travel of Irish Boxing. This consultation will inform the way in which we move towards achieving our governance goals and, ultimately, how we vie for gold outside the ring, as well as within it”

President, Gerry O’Mahony says “A remarkable number of governance and reform actions have been completed in recent weeks, showing true partnership between the Board of Directors, Officer Board and staff. As we have acknowledged, there is a schedule of work ahead which both Boards, and staff, are preparing to undertake. The pace of change, while swift, is measured and is targeted at improving the structures in which our boxers, our clubs and our community can thrive.”

IABA Board of Directors:

Interim Chair: Tom Geraghty

Charlie Toland

Ted Barry

Andrew Duncan

Neil Gough

Central Council Officer Board

President: Gerry O’Mahony

Vice President: Tom Ward

National Secretary: Antoinette Fay McClean

National Registrar: Philip Rooney

Treasurer: Larry Morrison