IABA responses: EGM related questions.

IABA is sharing EGM related questions sent to questions@iaba.ie or directly to staff with all clubs, on iaba.ie and on IABA social media, as the questions and responses may be of interest to members ahead of the EGM on August 26th.

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Thank you to Lockey Gannon Lockey Gannon of St. Ibars/St Joseph’s for this question:

Can you answer this question for me, if we stay with IBA will boxing clubs from England be allowed or insured to come to Ireland to box or vice a versa, same question if we go to World Boxing, thanks 

England Boxing were confirmed as members of World Boxing on August 9th. If IABA members vote to join World Boxing, there is no barrier to competition with England Boxing at club, county board, provincial unit or national level. The same goes for other federations Irish clubs travel to frequently, like Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, and the USA. If IABA members vote against passing the special resolution and the motion at Saturday’s EGM, the situation on IBA’s position for clubs is very unclear in this respect. IBA, in a statement issued on June 8th and attached, “suspended National Federation cannot host the Competitions of International level, and therefore, National Federations, its Boxers and Officials must refrain from participation in the Competitions organized by suspended National Federation. We emphasise that National Federations are responsible to monitor their affiliated members, any member, individual, boxer, official, any other as well as to clubs belonging to or connected with the National Federation to avoid that they violate the content of this Circular”  IABA has sought clarity of IBA on its current attitude to competition at club level between IBA member federations and members of World Boxing. It has yet to respond, but that response will be shared when it is received. IBA has suspended federations, notably Germany and the Czech Republic, for competing alongside World Boxing member federations at national level.

Thank you to Darren Fahy of Charlestown BC for these four questions:

As far as I can tell, World Boxing has no current rulebook or constitution. I am concerned that in this vacuum, measures could be introduced that, if enforced, would have an effect on the way clubs in Ireland currently operate.  For example, I talk to friends in England Boxing and one of the biggest problems faced by clubs there is the stipulation that a registered doctor must perform a pre-contest medical and be in attendance at ALL club shows.  It is nearly impossible to meet this requirement and therefore many clubs there no longer stage their own tournaments. If enforced here, such a measure here would have a deeply damaging effect on our operations.  I give this example because as World Boxing has no operating rulebook or constitition how do we know, with any certainty, that when those are finally issued, there will not be stipulations that might have a detrimental effect on Irish boxing clubs and boxers? Would it not be prudent to wait until such time as we have a full picture of how World Boxing intend to govern and then make an informed decision?

World Boxing’s rulebook, constitution, statues and all other rules and regulations were published on its website, here, in April, 2022. The list of documents includes:

Rules for electoral Voting

Rules for Candidates of Elections

Terms of Reference Ethics Chief

Ethics and Judicial Procedure Rules

Sport Resolution Arbitration Rules

Code for Prevention of Manipulation of Competition

Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct Officials R and Js

Code of Conduct Athletes officials entourage

Code of Conduct Board members NFs and Continental Representatives

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct agreement

Conflict of interest form

Finance Policy

Gender Equality and inclusion

Safeguarding Harrassment and Abuse complaint form

Safeguarding Harrassment and Abuse policy

Sport Resolution Arbitration Rules

Whistleblower Policy and report form

At the meeting in Castlerea IABA Chairman, Niall O’Carroll, was at pains to emphasise that none of the key players within the IABA had anything to gain from the IABA joining World Boxing. He stated quite unequivocably that ”none of us have any skin in this”.  However, conjecture is rife and rumour is circulating to the effect that past or present board members are being lined up for ‘jobs’ within the World Boxing.  Therefore, can the IABA now give categoric assurance that no person or persons that have held or hold positions within the IABA’s governance structure will take up paid executive positions within World Boxing upon it’s governance formation later this year?

Membership of the IABA Board of Directors is a voluntary and unpaid position. No member of the Board of Directors is being “lined up” for a paid position within World Boxing. As the Chairperson stated at the EGM Info Meetings, should IABA members chose to join World Boxing, any nomination to sit on any commission or committee will be drawn from the members.

Like most, I would have no objection to being a member of both World Boxing and the IBA – As far as I’m concerend the more boxing, the better.  However isn’t the reality that we cannot be a member of both and therefore must choose between one or the other. I look at the current situation and see many fellow European federations waiting to see what happens, delaying decision on their future until such a time as the picture is clearly defined. It has been said that those who join World Boxing early will ‘get the best seats’. Does the IABA not accept that this sort of thinking flies in the face of the ideal of equality and should be the very sort of thing we should resist and avoid?  

In the setting up of any new organization – sporting, voluntary, charity, commercial, not-for-profit, etc., – the founder members and early adopting members must take up leadership positions if that organization is to develop. It’s not a matter of equality, it is a matter of timing. All organisations should evolve as they grow and expand, to reflect that organisation’s ethos and goals, and the needs of their members.

During the Castlerea meeting much was made of IBA (formally AIBA) ‘corruption’. Nobody can refute the organisation has had a shody track record when it comes to fairness and transparency and in my opinion, one of the darkest times in our sports governance was during the tenure of Wu Ching-kuo (aka Dr. Wu).  However, it does seem to have been overlooked that Wu first became an IOC member in 1988, years before being installed as President of AIBA in 2006. It’s also been overlooked that following the 2017 Rio Olympics boxing controversy he remained an IOC member until he retired himself in 2020, this despite being banned from boxing by the AIBA in 2018.  Does the IABA accept that if the IOC was genuinely concerned with corruption within amateur boxing and within the AIBA, (as the IBA was then known), they did not have to look far and should have looked first within their own ranks at their long-time member, Wu Ching-kuo?  Why is it, does the IABA think, that no investigation was ever conducted by the IOC into the conduct, activities and presidency of IOC member Wu Ching-kuo, despite the many very serious allegations brought against him? Does the IABA accept that it was the IBA and only the IBA that commissioned an independant investigation into Wu’s governance and introduced an ongoing reforms programme that has yet to be completed?

The commissioning of reports by the IOC and IBA are a matter for those individual entities; IABA does not now have, nor has it ever had, input in to any decision by the IOC or the IBA to commission investigations or reports.

The IOC have made their decision on IBA, and CAS, the highest sports court in the world, rejected the IBA’s appeal. IABA must operate within this reality and framework. In the IOC report shared with clubs in July and published on IABA.ie, the recognised the shortcomings of previous IBA administrations and opted to work with the IBA towards financial transparency and good governance. The IBA elected not to implement the vast majority of the recommendations of the report that they, themselves commissioned. 

The IABA have requested a progress report and report on the sources of IBA finances, which the IBA has not given to the IABA, to the IOC or other international bodies.

Thank you to Darren McGavin of Moyle Park BC for these 10 questions:

  1. can the Board of Directors state the exact time ,date ,day,and venue when the Board Grilled the Wbo at the Short Notice Meeting,I would also like to respectfully  request the minutes of  that meeting and all Atendees to Include any I.A.B.A paid staff memebers and or any  administration contractors employed by the I.A.B.A. in  consultation roles or otherwise. To include anyone outside the I.A.B.A and also to include Wbo staff identical or otherwise as mentioned above in the capacities involved in this meeting . 

The meeting between the Board of Directors and World Boxing representatives took place at the National Stadium, Dublin, on May 20th. The meeting was attended by the Board of Directors, both in person and through Zoom, and the Company Secretary. The Board of Directors may instruct any member of staff to attend a relevant portion of any Board meeting, if they so wish. This is common practice in companies on the island of Ireland. IABA did not employ any consultants at that time.

  1. Can each member of the board of directors confirm that they have never in any capacity as members of the IABA, contacted any members of the iaba by any means whatsoever to solicit support for a particular outcome in any vote or motion relating to IABA business from County Board level to Board of Directors. 

Members of the Board of Directors speak to club members on all boxing related matters on an ongoing basis. Members of the Board of Directors cannot and would not ignore questions from club members on such an important matter. Members of the Board of Directors have shared their opinions with club members during relevant conversations. Club members are not obliged to take those opinions on board and they are not obliged to act on them, and can accord any conversation with any member of the Board of Directors whatever weight or importance they wish.

  1. In the Boards reply to one of my question I asked where there any Assurances or Incentives given to I.A.B.A its members in return for a yes vote to join Wbo ,is it still the case that No assurances nor Incentives were given in any way shape or form to the I.A.B.A organisation, its Directors or Any Offiliated Officail or memeber. 

As was previously stated in response to one of your earlier questions, there is no agreement, of any kind, in place between IABA and World Boxing.

  1. Also can the Directors circulate the Wbo s Constitution before close of buisness today.

World Boxing’s constitution, and all of its governance and governing documents were made available to any who may wish to view them on World Boxing’s website in April of 2023. They are available here

  1. Also can I have an assurance in writing seen as the Board of Directors are friends with Wbo from Wbo and the The Board of Directors at I.A.B.A that No guarantees were given in advance of  this Egm to join nor has any Written or Verbal agreement was signed prior to this Egm.

As was previously stated in response to one of your earlier questions, there is no agreement, of any kind, in place between IABA and World Boxing.

  1. Also can you confirm or deny if any Media source shall be present at this EGM tomorrow as the were invited to Roscommons by the I.A.B.A.

IABA did not issue direct invitations to individual members of the media to attend the EGM in Roscommon in July of 2022. However, in the interests of openness and transparency, members of the media were welcome to attend both EGMs and the AGM in 2022, if they wished. Members of the media are welcome to attend the EGM on August 26th, if they wish. It is common practice throughout sporting organisations, and in many companies, on the island of Ireland to permit access by members of the media to AGM or EGM.

  1. We are informed that Six countries have joined the WBO by Wbo and I.A.B.A. Can and will the WBO and the II.A.B.A to include  these other Countries   Boxing Organisations or Associations provide written assurances that those countries joined and affiliated to Wbo after comprehensive talks and debates were held  with all their respective Boxing Clubs in these countries  and that a democratic decision was made where all clubs were consulted and given the opportunity to vote on that decision to join and affiliate to Wbo similarly to Island of Ireland . I am and would be very concerned that a precedent not be set where major decisions can be taken from Boxing Clubs  without consultation with these club’s. This would be a very damaging way to move forward. In conclusion of this question I’m hoping that  our Clubs could be making uninformed decision based on the lack of transparency from these 6 Countries I.e wolves dressed as sheep leading sheep to the slaughter .

As of August 24th, 12 federations have joined World Boxing. IABA published that list on iaba.ie on August 24th. Every federation is structured differently, and their individual rules will dictate how each federation must engage with their clubs. How a federation arrived at the decision to join World Boxing is a matter for that federation. All federations which have decided to join World Boxing have done so in keeping with their own rules and regulations.

  1. Also their was zoom calls held with Director’s and other memebers of Boxing  ,we were assured we would get a copy or a link ,why with only 24 hours to go has it not been released to clubs

We’re not clear on what Zoom call with Directors and other members of boxing you are referring to.

  1. You stated in 1 reply that Art Obrien was present at the  secret meeting with Wbo whom no one else seemed to be  be made aware of . Please excuse my ignorance Ciara but ; If Art is a Director on the Board of the I.A.B.A  ,President of Dublin County Board and holds a seat at Central Council and Leinster surely there must be a Conflict of Interest ,or is this permissable best practice of the Board of Directors  at I.A.B.A. More a Question to be honest than a statement,which I would like Claritication on  as I’m not aware if it is a conflict of interest ,the reason I say this is becuase when the Chairman held the meeting at Ringside Art Obrien was Silent throughout to my recollection, also at no stage or point in that evening when the chairman said he had  Grilled the Wbo di he mention Art was present or any other Director or Member .So if the Board of Directors could shed some light in this I would appreciate it ,and I for one may have more questions as the time goes by that I wish to but before the Full Board of Directirs personally et the egm .

There was no secret meeting. There was a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors at which two representatives of World Boxing, Boris van der Vorst and Matt Holt, were present for an hour. Art O’Brien is a member of the Board of Directors of the IABA as he is the Leinster Provincial Council nominated representative on the Board of Directors. The chairperson was not called upon at the Leinster EGM Info Meeting to share a list of attendees at the relevant Board of Directors meeting. Had he been asked to, the Chair would have done so.

  1. Any  other questions arising from reading all the clubs questions and Directors answers  which might i add will take  up alot of unesseccary time for memebers may may be brought to the Boards attention at the egm.I find this comming and going  of questions and platforms etc  ,time wasting to say the least ,these questions arising from clubs and respective members  should have been given proper respectful concideration at very least ,this Egm.shoild have been deferred until clarity was arrived at .

All questions submitted to questions@iaba.ie or to staff are automatically shared with the Board of Directors. We’re sorry that you feel that sharing these questions and answers with members takes up a lot of time unnecessarily, and that you feel that the “coming and going of questions and platforms etc, time  wasting to say the least”. We don’t. Every question is important to the person who asks that question, and the questions and answers are shared because they could be of value to clubs in their decision-making. Your view, that the EGM should be deferred, has been shared with the Board of Directors. IABA held four EGM Info Meetings to facilitate debate and questions. These were attended by 111 clubs. IABA has also shared with all clubs, and published, the IOC decision on IBA’s membership, the IOC Executive Summary of that decision, World Boxing background information, the World Boxing timeline including calendar, up-dates on World Boxing membership, the text of the special resolution and its rationale, the current constitution and the constitution as it will appear if clubs vote in favour of the special resolution, the text of the motion and the motion rationale, as well as an EGM Frequently Asked Questions document.

The purpose of this EGM is to consider two matters. A special resolution and separately a motion.

  1. A special resolution to amend the current constitution of the company so that we have more control over our operations without Constitutional restrictions.
  2. A motion to decide if we should also Affiliate with World Boxing.

That, subject to consent of the Revenue Commissioners, the Constitution of the Company in the redline tracked form attached and marked with the letters “C” be adopted as the revised agreed Constitution of the Company. 


 On 22nd June the IOC withdrew recognition of the International Boxing Association (IBA), in accordance with Rule 3.7 of the Olympic Charter and demonstrates the need for IABA to have the ability to affiliate with other international federations which is precluded by our current Constitution as adopted.

The Board recognises and appreciates the concerns expressed by a number of Members and wishes to reassure Members that the provision would only be utilised in circumstances where the IABA Board felt it was in the best interests of the organization, following a ballot of Members. The proposed special resolution is to amend the Constitution of the Company to allow it to place the promotion of boxing in Ireland uncoupled with obligations that are inconsistent and distinct with those objects which relate to any third-party body. 

The logic is to ensure that we are not restricted in our affiliations and that the members have more autonomy over this decision which currently has no flexibility in the Constitution as adopted.  


Does your club wish IABA to remain a member of the International Boxing Association (IBA) AND affiliate to World Boxing?


Should delegates at the EGM vote in favour of the resolution, the IABA will not resign from the IBA. Members are being asked if they wish the IABA to also join World Boxing. If delegates do not vote in favour of the resolution, IABA will not be able to join World Boxing because of restraints in the Constitution, regardless of the outcome of the vote on this motion.


Time: 12pm

Date: Saturday, August 26th

Location: The National Stadium, Dublin

Registration – Is available here and will close on August 23rd at 12pm.

Eligibility – All clubs who have submitted affiliations for the 2023/2024 season

Attendees: Eligible clubs may nominate any two adult members to attend as delegates – one to be a voting delegate, one to be a non-voting delegate. Delegates nominated by clubs must verified members – this means they must be included in the club’s affiliation application, through Blocworx, for the 2023/2024 season as members and be over the age of 18. *Please note, delegates will be required to present photographic identification (passport, drivers’ licence, etc) on the day of the EGM.  

 Any questions which your club might wish to raise at the EGM the resolution and the motion or any other matter, should be submitted in advance of the EGM, either by post care of The Company Secretary to The National Stadium, 145 South Circular Road, Dublin 8, or by email to questions@iaba.ie no later than Friday, August 18th at 5:00pm. This will facilitate us in providing the fullest response to any queries at the EGM. 

Notice of the Special Resolution for Extraordinary General Meeting

Tracked Draft Amended Constitution August 2023 which is “C” for the purposes of the Special Resolution.

November 2019 Filed Constitution

Notice of Motion for Extraordinary General Meeting

Agenda for EGM

Standing Orders