IABA Strategy 2021-2025

Dear member

It is important at this time that the IABA plan for our future. Together, we would like to build a stronger Association, and to this end the IABA are compiling our strategy 2021-2025.

We would like as many people who are involved in boxing to participate in the consultation process. The consultation will comprise of: focus groups, online surveys, written submissions and meetings with key stakeholders. The next phase will be a meeting of the board in January to discuss proposals of our members and the overall plan will be launched early next year.

As clubs are the bedrock of the Association it is important that the voices of the clubs are heard. We will be inviting club members to attend consultation meetings throughout the country early next year. The meetings will be facilitated by a designated Steering Committee.

We would be very grateful, in order to kick start this process, if members would forward their thoughts, suggestions and proposals of how they would like the organisation to progress over the coming years. Please forward any thoughts you have in this regard to strategy21@iaba.ie

Thank you in advance for your help on this important project.