IABA unveils the High Five Boxing Academy for children with additional needs.

The IABA is delighted to confirm the launch of the High Five Boxing Academy, an inclusive boxing training programme for children with disabilities & additional needs.

The High Five Programme for children with disabilities and additional needs began in four Dublin boxing clubs: Drimnagh, Crumlin, St. Catherine’s and Palmerstown, in October 2021. The IABA extends its heartfelt thanks to the High Five Programme, its Chair, Paddy Dingle, Steering Committee, and participating clubs, boxers and parents, for paving the way for disability inclusive boxing training for children throughout Ireland and for their contribution to the development of a programme available to all boxing clubs.

The IABA has developed technical guidelines for clubs wishing to delivery inclusive boxing training for children with disabilities through the High Five Boxing Academy– these include information on buddies, volunteers and reporting. An information session on High Five, with founder Paddy Dingle and IABA Communications and Inclusion Officer, will take place through Zoom on Thursday, August 25th at 7pm. Clubs wishing to know more can express their interest here. Technical guidelines will be shared with participating clubs. Additional information sessions will be available, depending on demand.

The IABA will also fund, through a grant funding, Disability Inclusion Training to coaches in all clubs wishing to become part of the High Five family. The first Disability Inclusion Training course will take place on August 30th, at 7pm. It will be available only to High Five Academy clubs.  Later this year, the IABA hopes to make Autism in Sport and Disability Inclusion Training available to all clubs. These training courses will be delivered by Cara Sport Inclusion Ireland and will take place via Zoom.

Clubs considering becoming part of the High Five Boxing Academy may wish to note the following requirements for clubs, coaches and boxers:


Clubs in the High Five Boxing Academy must: 

·         Be affiliated to the IABA 

·         Ensure all boxers taking part in the High Five Programme are fully registered as club members 

·         Be a signatory to the Cara Sport Inclusion Ireland Sports Disability Inclusion Charter 

·         Be mindful of the Cara Sport Inclusion Ireland’s inclusion continuum 


Coaches coaching in the High Five Boxing Academy must: 

·         Be registered members of an affiliated club

·         Have an IABA Level One qualification, or above 

·         Have a minimum of two years’ experience in coaching children and young people. 

·         Have current Garda vetting 

·         Have undergone child safeguarding training 

·         Have completed the Cara Sport Inclusion Ireland Disability Inclusion Training and have retained their certificate of completion. 


All boxers in the High Five Boxing Academy must: 

·         Be fully registered members of their club & included in Blocworx. 

·         Be aged between 5 years and 18 years 

If clubs or coaches need any more information in advance of taking part in an information session, please get in touch via ciara@iaba.ie