IABA Will Join The National Ceremony Of Remembrance & Reflectio.

The IABA is marking the National Ceremony of Remembrance and Reflection on Sunday, March 20th.

This will represent an opportunity for the nation to pause and reflect, take time to remember all those who have lost their lives during the Covid 19 pandemic, and pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to how we have faced, and are facing, the challenges together.

Sport Ireland, and sporting communities across the country, will contribute to the National Ceremony of Remembrance and Reflection, by holding commemorations appropriate to their communities between March 18th and 20th.

Irish boxing will remember members of the boxing family lost to Covid 19, and those who have born the great burden of responding to the pandemic, in one of our most time-honoured traditions – a 10 bell salute. This will take place at 11am on Sunday March 20th and will be followed by a moment of silence and reflection by all those gathered together for the 2022 Junior 1 National Championship Finals.

Every boxing club in Ireland was profoundly affected by the pandemic, and we invite clubs, county boards and provincial units to hold their own moments of remembrance and reflection before boxing events taking place between March 18th and 20th.