Dynamic warm up: 12 minutes followed by 3 minute stretch.

School of boxing/shadow boxing. (Youths 7 x 3 minute rounds- JUNIORS 7 X 2), follow specific changes if given in rounds. 1 minute rest between rounds, sip water between rounds –hydration.

Really visualise your opponent when shadow boxing as this will sharpen your movements, concentrating on good defence, feints and attacks.

Round 1: No punching!!

● Work on shape, moving forward and back, side to side, pivoting to change direction, slip and step for angles, concentrate on hands high, elbows tucked in.

● Add extra defence manoeuvres ducks, rolls, slips and flicks of the head.

● Add Feinting skills, feint with your head, shoulders, hands, legs and feet.

Round 2: Open round starting slow and increasing intensity.

Progressing from round 1 continue to work on shape and footwork. Ensure you keep fluid movements, hands high, elbows tucked in.

● I to 4 punch combination of your choice.

● Same as above but add defence and double attack with another 3 punch attack of your choice.

Round 3: Counter attacks – Keep changing up attacks.


Total Time- 60 minutes – (Sip water throughout – stay hydrated)!!


Warm up – 15 minutes (General warm up &stretch)

SHUTTLE RUNS- x 3 (reach each station line before turning around) 13 minutes.

From start line – Sprint to first marked station as fast as you can, turn around and jog back (recovery). Sprint to second marked station – as fast as you can, jog back (recovery). Continue as above to last station this time Sprint back.

Restart process again – no breaks – for 3 continuous minutes!!

Starting from a base line, mark out the following designated stations.

● 20 large steps

● 40 large steps

● 60 large steps

2 minute recovery in-between shuttle runs.

Core Exercises.

Follow the set of exercises detailed below. Rest for 2 minute and restart for another set.

Knees bent hip distance apart, Neck in neutral position – keep airway open – Imagine an apple between your chin and chest.

● 30 x sit ups knees bent.

● 30 x crunches knees bent, slide fingers up and pulse 1inch just pass knees.

● 30 x legs bent, push arms between legs.

● 30 x Sit up, hands together rotating outside each alternate leg left & right.

● 30 x low sways, side to side touching sides of feet.

● 15 x Right elbow to left knee, 15 x Left elbow to right knee.

● 30 x hold legs 6 inches from floor feet in flexed position. Without dropping extend to open and gold for count of 4 sec’s then close to the count of 4 sec’s.

● 30 x legs criss/cross 6 inches from floor continuous movement, don’t drop the feet to the end.

● 4 x Criss/cross with rise legs for count of four and return to start position, feet only touches the floor at the end.

● 4 X SUPERMAN/WOMAN, lie on stomach, breath in raising arms and legs, hold for 4 seconds and return to starting position and you breath out.

2 minute rest.

Cool Down

5 minutes of light skipping for cool down, 10 minute stretch session work from your feet stretching out all mussels to the top of your head and back down to feet again. Really stretch/roll specific areas

Continue to work on shape and defence. Don’t lean or fall in when punching to the body.

● Slip & close distance, slip left or right starting with single punch extending to 4 punch combination of your choice.

Round 4: Counter attack skills, Blocks.

Continue to work on shape and defence – Block first!

● Single punches up to a maximum of 3 punches of your choice.

● Progressing from first half, make another block and double attack with another 3 punch attack of your choice.

Round 5: Side steps

Keep working on Good Defence – keep your back/lead hand up.

● Meet with same time punch either jab or back hand with side step (remember quick flick of the head from centre, back hand up).

● Add a straight punch or double punch to the head – either side.

● Same as first minute but extend with lead and back hand hooks to the head.

Round 6: Intense close round

All short, hooks and uppercuts chin down continuous head movement looking for openings. When in close drop you hip & knee for extra leverage for power shots.

1. Shift from left to right unleashing a tirade of mixed punches to both body and head.

2. As above but plant feet and end with a double explosive punch to body either side.

3. As above but bring in same side hook to head after, blows to body.

Round 7: Free Round with intensity and power.

● Incorporate all the above, work hard last round to secure victory.

2 minute rest period, keep sipping water stay hydrated!!


Mark a vertical 15ft line with chalk or masking tape. From the start make a horizontal mark at 5ft, 10ft and end of line. You should now have a line with 3 equal lengths.

Keeping your shape with hands high in defence position, engage your stomach muscles for stability and hop the line as detailed below. Don’t turn around stay facing forward throughout.

From start line hop to first mark, return hopping backwards – hop forward to second mark return hopping backwards to start. Continue hopping forward to end of line again return hopping backwards to the start line.

1. From Start lift left leg, and hop on right leg – make sure you hit the line.

2. Same as above but change legs – lift right leg, and hop of left.

3. From start, lift left leg and hop on right – diagonal from left to right – Do not land on the line.

4. From start change leg – lift right leg hop on left – again diagonal from left to right. Avoid the line.

Cool down and stretch

10 minutes of light skipping for cool down, stretch out your whole body for 15 minutes.

● 10 minute stretch session work from your feet to the top of your head.

● Really stretch/roll specific areas where you have twinges or past injuries.