IABA’s First Strategic Forum Takes Place

IABA’s first Strategic Forum has taken place, at the National Stadium, Dublin, today.

The IABA’s Board of Directors is preparing to create the association’s Strategic Plan for the period 2024 to 2028. This will guide all forms of growth and development throughout the boxing community.

The first step was the launching of an Online Strategic Consultation, open to all adult members of all boxing clubs. This spanned the period October 25th to November 7th.

Today, Maeve Buckley, Founder and Executive Director of Leading Sport, facilitated the first forum of members – attended by around 30 people.

It included a group SWOT analysis of IABA, aspirations for the development of the association, and the next steps in the consultation process. This will include similar meetings throughout the association. Times, dates and locations will be announced in due course.