IBA correspondence on IABA Club participation in events in the US.

IABA National Secretary, Antoinette Fay McClean, has published correspondence sent to her by the IBA regarding the participation of Irish clubs and boxers in the tournaments in the United States

The National Secretary entered in to correspondence with the IBA in order to seek clarity on behalf of clubs wishing to travel to the US for competitions and other events, after USA Boxing joined World Boxing.

IBA responded:

According to the IBA Technical and Competition Rules (T&C Rules), an “International
Tournament” refers to any boxing competition in which boxers from different National Federations
compete. Article 1.6.2 of the T&C Rules explicitly prohibits National Federations, their teams,
individual boxers, or competition officials from participating in an international tournament that has
not been approved in advance by the IBA.

As you are aware, USA Boxing terminated its membership with IBA, thereby forfeiting its ability to
organize IBA-sanctioned or IBA-affiliated tournaments. Consequently, the IBA cannot recognize
or approve international tournaments organized by USA Boxing

Therefore, it is imperative that athletes and officials affiliated with the Irish Athletic Boxing
Association (IABA) refrain from participating in any international tournaments affiliated with USA
Boxing. Failure to comply with this directive would constitute a breach of the IBA Constitution and
the Regulations

The correspondence, in full:

Following this IBA correspondence, the IABA’s Board of Directors issued this statement: