The independent Membership Panel, appointed by the Board of Directors of the IABA in accordance with the IABA Rulebook, to review a decision made by the Central Council of the IABA in relation to the membership/affiliation of members of the three units, has issued its finding. Following their review of the evidence they have unanimously upheld the decision of Central Council to withdraw membership/affiliations.

Officers and members of the Central Council are members of boxing clubs across the island of Ireland. Officers and members are directly elected to their roles by boxing clubs. The Central Council is the body which governs Ireland’s 6 units, whose members are also directly elected by boxing clubs in their areas of operation.

Central Council, when informed of decisions taken by the Leinster & Connaught Provincial Councils as well as the Dublin County Board to withdraw support of the superior bodies of the IABA, convened a meeting to consider the matter. At that meeting held on 29th August 2021 the 20 members of Central Council present voted on three specific matters:

• A vote of no confidence in the Leinster and Connaught Provincial Councils, and the Dublin County Board was carried with 17 voting for, 1 against, and 2 abstentions
• A vote to object to the affiliations of the three organisations was carried with 16 voting for, 2 against and 2 abstentions.
• A vote to remove Officers/Members of those three organisations from Membership of the IABA was carried with 19 voting for, and 1 abstention.

These decisions were then referred to the IABA Board of Directors. Due to conflicts of interest, the Board agreed, in accordance with Rule 6(8) of the IABA Rulebook, to refer the matter to an independent Membership Panel to review the matter and determine whether or not to uphold the decision of the Central Council to withdraw membership.

The Membership Panel ‘found on examining the evidence that there was unanimous support for the decision taken by the IABA Central Council to remove those from membership/affiliation of the IABA. Individuals concerned who wish to appeal this determination may do so through SDSI (Sports Disputes Solutions Ireland) as per the rules set out by the IABA. We, as an independent committee, would strongly recommend that their memberships be considered at the next stage of affiliation opening to the IABA. A detailed report on the findings of the review conducted was submitted to the IABA along with the Minutes of Meetings held discussing these cases.”

The Membership Panel was made up of two barristers and a corporate governance officer from another National Governing Body of sport. The Membership Panel, having considered all evidence, have now delivered their report which upholds the decision of the Central Council to withdraw membership/affiliation of the individuals concerned.

Those individuals in the three bodies concerned – the Leinster Provincial Council, the Connaught Provincial Council, and the Dublin Board – have now been informed of the decision which means that they are no longer members/affiliates of the IABA.

It is important to note that all clubs under the auspices of Leinster and Connacht Provincial Council and the Dublin Board who have already affiliated to IABA remain affiliated, which means their boxers and training activities are insured and boxers can continue to compete in official IABA competitions.