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16 European Elite, U/22 and Junior medals have been won  – and four medals at the Chemistry World Cup in Germany.

Team Ireland finished in the top 10 – in the top five on three occasions – in the medals tables in above tournaments.

20 medals – 5 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze – have been won so far.

Ireland met England (2), Sweden and Netherlands in three away internationals since January.



England v Ireland

City Hall Bristol

January 26


36,5kg Daneo George beat Callum Ruth (Cabra) 2-1
40,5kg Brandon Strand lost to Lee Gallagher (Ratoath) 0-3
42kg Hamiliton Joyce beat Oisin McCann (St Pauls, A) 3-0
F47kg Ebony Jones lost to Leah Lehane (Rylane) 0-3
48kg Aaron Bird lost to Blaine Fitzgerald (Corinthians) 0-3


32kg Jack Shorthall beat Dylan Foy (Antrim) 2-1
39.5kg Callum Drinkald lost to Martin Collins (Drimnagh) 0-3
42kg Dylan Murphy lost to Gavin Ryan (Ratoath) 0-3
60kg Ellis Price beat Patrick Donovan (Olympic) 2-1
64kg Alex Sherratt lost to Thomas King (Ratoath) RSC2
69kg Marcus Ellie lost to Taylor Guiney (Drimnagh) 0-3
73kg Qasin Khan lost to Fiedhlem Behan (Kilcullen) 0-3
81kg Kyle Parr lost to John Ward (Brosna) 0-3


F60kg Dione Burman beat Lauren Dempsey (Ryston) 3-0
F70kg Elliuise (Challanger) beat Leah Gallen (Raphoe) 3-0

60kg Subhann Ahmeda beat Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) 2-1

Team manager: Paddy Dingle

Coaches: Ralph McKay, Joseph Lavelle, Anitia Just

(Ireland win 9-7)

European U/22 Men’s and Women’s Championships Vladikavkaz, Russia

March 17

60kg Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat Rebecca Nicoli (Italy) 4-1

March 15

60kg Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat Fatia Benmessahel (France) 5-0

March 13

52kg Adam Hession (Ireland) v Rotyslav Bilototskyi (Ukraine)
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland v Aleksei Semykin (Russia)

March 12

51kg Niamh Earley (Ireland) lost to Giovanna Marchese (Italy) 1-4
60kg Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat Kinga Mezovari (Hungary) 5-0
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Ireland) lost to Anastasiya Shamonova (Russia) 0-5

March 11

Last 16
69kg Paddy Donovan (Ireland) lost to Vakhid Abbasov (Russia) 0-5
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) beat Florin Simion (Romania) 5-0

March 10

Last 16
57kg Mary Geraghty (Ireland) lost to Victoria Glover (Scotland) 0-5
60kg David Oliver Joyce (Ireland) lost to Beslan Khamzaev (Russia) 1-4
64kg Pierce O’Leary (Ireland) lost to Mike McDonagh (Wales) 0-5

March 9

Last 32
60kg David Oliver Joyce (Ireland) beat Oleg Chulkyacheyev (Ukraine) 5-0
69kg Paddy Donovan (Ireland) beat Sam Wagensvela (Netherlands) 4-1
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Ireland) beat Andrei Vreme (Moldova) 5-0

March 8

(Last 16)
60kg Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat En Gizem (Turkey) 5-0
64kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) lost to Chelsey Heijnen (Netherlands) RSC2

Irish squad

51kg Niamh Earley (Ryston)
57kg Mary Geraghty (St Anthonys)
60kg Amy Broadhurst (Dealgan) (Gold)
64kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Clann Naofa)
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Castlerea) Cpt

52kg Adam Hession (Monivea)
60kg Davey Oliver Joyce (Ballymun)
64kg Pierce O’Leary (Dublin Docklands)
69kg Patrick Donovan (OLOL)
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) Cpt

Team Manager: Stephen Molloy
Head Coach: Dmitry Dmitruk
Coaches: Anita Just, Philip Keogh
R&J: Stephen Kelly

Medals Table Finish: 9th

Rankings Table: 10th

Nations competing: 38


Sweden v Ireland (Stockholm)

April 13

75kg Love Holgersson (Sweden) beat Aoife O´Rourke (Ireland) 3-2
69kg Adolphe Sylva (Sweden) lost to Aidan Walsh (Ireland) 0-5
75kg Adam Chartoi )Sweden) lost to Michael Nevin (Ireland) 0-5
81kg Liridon Nuha (Sweden) beat Thomas O´Toole (Ireland) 3-2
91kg Alexander Bwambale (Sweden) beat Kirill Afanasev (Ireland) 5-0

Irish squad

69kg Aiden Walsh (Monkstown)
75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise)
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Castlerea)
81kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles)
91kg Kiril Afanasev (Smithfield)

Coaches: Dmitry Dimitruk and Michael Mongan

R&J Malachy Scott

(Meeting part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations of Swedish amateur boxing)

Chemistry Cup (World Cup) Cologne, Germany

April 13


51kg Carly McNaul (Ireland) lost to Anush Grigoryan (Armenia) 2-3
57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Sakshi Choudary (India) 5-0
91kg Tony Browne (Ireland) lost to Muslim Gadzhimagomedov (Russia) 0-5

April 12


51kg Carly McNaul (Ireland) beat Pinki Rani (India) 3-2
57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Lenuta Lacramioara (Romania) 5-0
81kg Joe Ward (Ireland) lost to Abu-Lubdeh Abdulrahman (Germany) 2-3
91kg Anthony Browne (Ireland) beat Brandon Ress (Australia) 5-0

April 11


51kg Carly McNaul (Ireland) beat Mungustsetseg Enkhjargal (Mongolia) 5-0
57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Delgerkhnga Khongorzul (Mongolia) 5-0
57kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) lost to Albert Batyrgaziev (Russia) 0-5
69kg Christina Desmond (Ireland) lost to Liu Yang (China) 0-5
69kg Grainne Walsh (Ireland) lost to Nadine Apetz (Germany) 2-3
75kg Emmet Brennan (Ireland) lost to Gleb Bakshi (Russia) 0-5
81kg Joe Ward (Ireland) beat Jilei Zhang (China) 5-0
91kg Anthony Browne (Ireland) beat Zhiabao Wang (China) RET2

April 10

Last 16

56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Eric Petrosyan (Armenia) 5-0
51kg Carly McNaul (Ireland) beat Angelika Krysztoforska (Poland) 5-0
63kg Wayne Kelly (Ireland) lost to Jorge Moiran (Cuba) 2-3
63kg James McGivern (Ireland) lost to Enrico La Cruz (Netherlands) 0-5
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) lost to Otgonbaatar Bymba (Mongolia) 0-4
91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Ireland) lost to Sergei Egorov (Russia) 2-3
52kg Brendan Irvine (Ireland) lost to Galai Yafai (England) 0-5
75kg Emmet Brennan (Ireland) beat Rafael Perczynski (Poland) 5-0
81kg Joe Ward (Ireland) beat Piotr Sczukowski (Poland) 5-0

Irish squad

51kg Carly McNaul (Holy Family) (Silver)
57kg Michaela Walsh (Monkstown) (Gold)
69kg Christina Desmond (Fr Horgan’s)
69kg Grainne Walsh (Spartacus)
52kg Brendan Irvine (St Paul’s)
57kg Kurt Walker (Canal)
63kg James McGivern (St Georges)
63kg Wayne Kelly (Portlaoise)
69kg Kieran Molloy (Oughterard)
75kg Emmet Brennan (Glasnevin)
81kg Joe Ward (Spartacus) (Bronze)
91kg Tony Browne (St Michael’s) (Silver)
91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)

Team Manager: Bernard Dunne
Coaches: Zuar Antia, John Conlan, Damian Kennedy
Physiotherapist: Muireann Harte
Physiologist: Damain Martin

Medals Table Finish: 3

Rankings Table: (not available)

Nations competing: 21


England v Ireland Junior International Newcastle

April 20

46kg: Frank Varey (England) lost to Dylan Eagleson (Ireland) 2-3
46kg: Shelby-Marie Lee (England) beat Breda Quilligan (Ireland) 3-2
48kg: Blu Bowers (England) lost to Michael Donoghue (Ireland) 0-5
48kg: Alex Brown (England) beat Robyn Kelly (Ireland) 3-2
50kg: Mohammed Ali (England) beat Jason Nevin (Ireland) 3-2
50kg: Charan Dhesi (England) lost to Chloe Gabriel (Ireland) 0-5
52kg: Cameron Lavery (England) lost to Donagh Keary (Ireland) 2-3
54kg: Royston Barney-Smith (England) beat Mustafa Edris (Ireland) 3-2
54kg: Mia Holland (England) lost to Aaliyah Butler (Ireland) 0-5
57kg: Ellis Price (England) beat Martin McCullough (Ireland) 3-2
57kg: Sacha Hickey (England) beat Nicole O’Sullivan (Ireland) 5-0
60kg: Jake Abrol (England) lost to Patrick Donovan (Ireland) 0-5
63kg: Jimmy Lee (England) lost to Thomas King (Ireland) 2-3
63kg Katie Grover (England) lost to Winnie McDonagh (Ireland) 0-5
70kg: Prince Dubois (England) lost to Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) 0-5
80kg: Leoni Dingwall (England) lost to Brittany Stokes (Ireland) W/O
80+kg Aloys Youmbi (England) beat Thomas McDonnell (Ireland) 5-0

(Ireland win 10-7)

Irish squad


46kg Dylan Eagleson (St Pauls Antrim)
48kg Michael Donoghue (St Michaels Athy)
50kg Jason Nevin (Olympic Mullingar)
52kg Donagh Keary (Rathfirland)
54kg Suffie Edris (Monkstown)
57kg Martin McCullough (Gleann)
60kg Patrick Donovan (Olympic BC)
63kg Thomas King (Ratoath)
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhauns)
80+kgThomas McDonnell (Dublin Docklands)


46kg Breda Quilligan (Rathkeale)
48kg Robyn Kelly (Ballynacargy)
50kg Chloe Gabriel (Mulhuddart)
54kg Aaliyah Butler (Monivea)
57kg Nicole O’Sullivan (Corinthians)
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Neilstown)
80kg Brittany Stokes (Callan)

IABA President: Dom O’Rourke

Coaches: Liam Cunningham, Eve Carr, Martin Donovan

Gerry O’Mahony, Jenn O’Sullivan

R&Js: Philip Hollowed,Dick Moody

European Male and Female Junior Championships Galati, Romania

June 1


48kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat Dmytro Molodan (Ukraine) 5-0
50kg Chloe Gabriel (Ireland) beat Valeriia Linkova (Russia) 4-1
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Ireland) lost to Viola Piras (Italy) 2-3

May 31


48kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat Boris Eroshkin (Russia) 5-0
57kg Martin McCullough (Ireland) lost to Ivan Kobzev (Russia) 1-4
66kg Taylor Guiney (Ireland) lost to Vladislave Chepizhko (Russia) 2-3

May 30


48kg Robyn Kelly (Ireland) lost to Anastasia Kirienko (Russia) 0-5
50kg Marie Marine-Gabriel (Ireland) beat Elen Ayari (Italy) 5-0
54kg Aaliyah Butler (Ireland) lost to Liana Tarasian (Russia) 0-5
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Ireland) beat Ani Manukyan (Germany) 5-0
66kg Tiegan Farrell (Ireland) lost to Natalia Zavialova (Russia) 0-5
75kg Dearbhla Tinnelly (Ireland) lost to Valeriia Vorontsova (Russia) 0-4

May 28


46kg Breda Quilligan (Ireland) lost to Fanni Kovacs (Hungary) 0-5
46kg Dylan Eagleson (Ireland) lost to Timur Khalilov (Russia) 2-3
50kg Chloe Gabriel (Ireland) beat Veronika Zajicova (Czech Republic) 5-0
54kg Aaliyah Butler (Ireland) beat Antoneia Alecu (Romania) 5-0
60kg Michael McCarthy (Ireland) lost to Magomed Mamaev (Russia) 0-5
66kg Tiegan Farrell (Ireland) beat Radmyla Rodinova (Ukraine) 3-2
66kg Taylor Guiney (Ireland) beat Narek Zakharyan (Armenia) 5-0
75kg Dearbhla Tinnelly (Ireland) beat Nur Kocaoglu (Turkey) 4-1
75kg Mark Duffy (Ireland) lost to Vinny Huczmann (England) 0-5

May 27


48kg Robyn Kelly (Ireland) beat Gamze Soguksu (Turkey) 5-0
48kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat Said Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) 5-0
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Ireland) beat Lia Pukkila (Finland) 5-0
57kg Martin McCullough (Ireland) beat Matvei Starikov (Estonia) 5-0
57kg Nicole O’Sullivan (Ireland) lost to Cristina Ciobanu (Romania) 1-4
70kg Shauna Doherty (Ireland) lost to Melania Moldovan (Romania) 2-3
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) lost to Mikhail Usov (Russia) 0-5
80kg Margaret Stokes (Ireland) lost to Natalia Hodyk (Ukraine) 1-4

May 26

Last 16

46kg Dylan Eagleson (Ireland) beat Rafael Lozano (Spain) 5-0
48kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat James Sweeney (Scotland) 5-0
52kg Donagh Keary (Ireland) lost to Asad Aghayev (Azerbaijan) 0-5
60kg Michael McCarthy (Ireland) beat Giorgi Zhorzhaliani (Georgia) 3-2
66kg Taylor Guiney (Ireland) beat Andrei Mustet (Turkey) 5-0
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Alperen Terzi (Turkey) 4-1

May 25

Last 16

52kg Rachael Lawless (Ireland) lost to Sophia Mazzoni (Italy) 0-5
54kg Aaliyah Butler (Ireland) beat Ellie Taylor (Wales) 5-0
57kg Martin McCullough (Ireland) beat Ares Hakoyban (Armenia) 4-0
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Ireland) beat Ceren Tuncer (Turkey) 5-0
75kg Mark Duffy (Ireland) beat Lucian Miltitelu (Romania) 5-0

Last 32

54kg Mustafa Edris (Ireland) lost to Royston Smith-Barney (England) 1-4

May 24

Prelims Last 16/32

1st session

48kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat Zoltan Cservak (Hungary) 5-0
48kg Robyn Kelly (Ireland) beat Iryna Melnyk (Ukraine) 5-0
66kg Taylor Guiney (Ireland) beat Orhan Mehmet (Turkey) 5-0
66kg Tiegan Farrell (Ireland) beat Petra Kovacs (Hungary) 5-0
80+kg Thomas McDonnell (Ireland) lost to Dzmitry Barysav (Belarus) 1-4
50kg Jason Nevin (Ireland) lost to Saba Tkebuchave (Georgia) 1-4
57kg Martin McCullough (Ireland) beat Kevin Bohm (Sweden) 5-0
60kg Shelby Myres (Ireland) lost to Maryna Muliarchk (Belarus) 2-3
63kg Thomas King (Ireland) lost to Niv Rahamin (Israel) 1-4
80kg James Ward (Ireland) lost to Jack Turnbull (England) 2-3

Irish squad


46kg Breda Quilligan (Rathkeale)
48kg Robyn Kelly (Ballynacargy) (Bronze)
50kg Chloe Gabriel (Mulhuddart) (Gold)
52kg Rachael Lawless (Portlaoise) Cpt
54kg Aaliyah Butler (Monivea) (Bronze)
57kg Nicole O’Sullivan (Corinthians)
60kg Shelby Myres (Crumlin)
63kg Winnie McDonagh (Neilstown) (Silver)
66kg Tiegan Farrell (Arklow) (Bronze)
70kg Shauna Doherty (Sacred Heart, Dublin)
75kg Dearbhla Tinnelly (Clann Naofa) (Bronze)
80kg Margaret Stokes (Callan)


46kg Dylan Eagleson (St Pauls, Antrim)
48kg Michael Donoghue (St Michaels Athy) (Gold)
50kg Jason Nevin (Olympic Mullingar)
52kg Donagh Keary (Rathfriland)
54kg Mustafa Edris (Monkstown, Dublin)
57kg Martin McCullough (Gleann) (Bronze)
60kg Michael McCarthy (Mayfield)
63kg Thomas King (Ratoath)
66kg Taylor Guiney (Drimnagh) (Bronze)
70kg Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhaunis) Cpt
75kg Mark Duffy (Charlestown)
80kg John Ward (Brosna)
80+kg Thomas McDonnell (Docklands)

IABA President: Dominic O’Rourke
Team managers: Eugene O’Kane Snr and Anne Murphy
Coaches: Billy McClean, James Doyle, Gerard McDaid, John Gallagher, Aoife Hennigan
R&J: Loughlin Gannon

Medals Table Finish: 5th

Rankings Table: 3rd

Nations competing: 35


Netherlands v Ireland Elite


June 7

64kg: Enrico Lacruz (Netherlands) beat Wayne Kelly (Ireland) RSCI2 (2-1)
69kg: Aidan Walsh (Ireland) beat Delano James (Netherlands) 4-1
75kg: Max van der Pas (Netherlands) beat Emmet Brennan (Ireland) 4-1
81kg: Artjom Kasparian (Netherlands) beat Paul Mc Cullogh (Ireland) 5-0
91kg: Peter Müllenberg (Netherlands) beat Kane Tucker (Ireland) 4-1

(Netherlands win 4-1)


European Games Minsk, Belarus

June 30


60kg Kellie Harrington (Ireland) lost to Mira Potkonen (Finland) W/0
(Harrington withdrew because of a hand injury)

56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Mykola Butsenko (Ukraine) 5-0

June 29


57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) lost to Stanmira Petrova (Bulgaria) 1-4

June 28


49kg Regan Buckley (Ireland) lost to Artur Hovannisyan (Armenia) 2-3
56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Peter McGrail (Team GB) 3-2
57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Daria Amramova (Russia) 3-2
60kg Kellie Harrington (Ireland) beat Agnes Alexiusson (Sweden) 5-0
69kg Grainne Walsh (Ireland) lost to Karolina Koszewska (Poland) 2-3
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) lost to Salavtore Cavallaro (Italy) KO1

June 26


56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Samuel Kistohurry (France) 5-0
57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Ornella Wahner (Germany) 4-1
60kg Kellie Harrington (Ireland) beat Irma Testa (Italy) 4-1
69kg Grainne Walsh (Ireland) beat Elina Gustafsson (Finland) 5-0
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Ireland) lost to Lauren Price (Team GB) 0-5

June 25

Last 16

64kg James McGivern (Ireland) lost to Hovhannes Bachkov (Armenia) 0-5
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Ireland) beat Viktoryia Kebikova (Belarus) 4-1


49kg Regan Buckley (Ireland) beat Martin Molina (Spain) 4-1
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Guler Serhat (Turkey) 4-1

June 24

Last 16

56kg Kurt Walker (Ireland) beat Zhirayr Saeqsyan (Armenia) 4-1
57kg Michaela Walsh (Ireland) beat Lenuta Perijoc (Romania) 4-1
69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) lost to Yauheni Dauhaliavets (Belarus) 4-1
69kg Grainne Walsh (Ireland) beat Rosie Eccles (Team GB) 4-1
91+kg Dean Gardiner (Ireland) lost to Mikheil Bakhtidze (Georgia) 1-4

June 23

Last 16

49kg Regan Buckley (Ireland) beat Bator Sagalvev (Russia) 5-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Kamran Shakhsuvarly (Azerbaijan) 5-0
91kg Anthony Browne (Ireland) lost to Toni Filipi (Croatia) 1-4

Last 32

64kg James McGivern (Ireland) beat Michael Takacs (Slovakia) 5-0

June 22

Last 32

69kg Kieran Molloy (Ireland) beat Goce Janeski (Northern Macedonia) 5-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Ireland) beat Mark Dickinson (Team GB) 3-2

Irish squad


57kg Michaela Walsh (Monsktown A) (Silver)
60kg Kellie Harrington (St Marys) (Silver)
69kg Gráinne Walsh (Spartacus) (Bronze)
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Castlerea)


49kg Regan Buckley (St Teresa’s) (Bronze)
56kg Kurt Walker (Canal) (Gold)
64kg James McGivern (St George’s)
69kg Kieran Molloy (Oughterard)
75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) (Bronze)
91kg Tony Browne (St Michael’s Dublin)
91kg+ Dean Gardiner (Clonmel)

Team manager: Bernard Dunne

Coaches: Zaur Antia, John Conlan, Dmitry Dimitruk

Medals Table Finish: 5th

Rankings Table: (Not available)

Nations competing: 44