Irish boxing has won 65 medals since entering the European Elite Championships for the first time at Milan 1937.

The count is 21 gold, 7 silver and 37 bronze.

Katie Taylor (six gold) and Joe Ward (three gold) are the only Irish boxers to claim more than one European title.

Taylor held the 60kg belt for nine years between 2005 and 2014.

The Irish men’s team finished in 2nd spot in the medals table at the 1939,2010,2013 and 2015 Europeans and in 3rd spot at the 2011 edition of the tournament.

And Aoife O’Rourke is the only Irish female boxer beside Taylor to top a podium at this level.

Taylor, Ward, O’Rourke, Jimmy Ingle, Paddy Dowdall, Gearoid O’Colmain, Maxie McCullough, Paul Griffin, Paddy Barnes, Michael Conlan, Jason Quigley, Ray Moylette, John Joe Nevin and Kurt Walker are Ireland European Elite champions.

The first edition of the men’s tournament was hosted in Sweden in 1925 and the inaugural women’s competition in France in 2001.

(Above image: Paddy Barnes, John Joe Nevin, Jason Quigley and Michael Conlan at 2013 Europeans in Minsk, Belarus. All four claimed medals after reaching their respective finals).


National Stadium Dublin 1939
51kg Jimmy Ingle Gold
57kg Paddy Dowdall Gold
69kg Charles Evenden Bronze

National Stadium Dublin 1947
91kg Gearoid O’Colmain Gold
57kg Peter McGuire Silver

1949 Norway
60kg Maxie McCullough Gold
57kg Dave Connell Bronze

1951 Italy
54kg William Kelly Silver
60kg Dave Connell Bronze
64kg Terry Milligan Bronze

1953 Poland
64kg Terry Milligan Silver
54kg John McNally Bronze

Czech Republic 1957
69kg Fred Tiedt Bronze

1959 Switzerland
51kg Adam McClean Bronze
69kg Harry Perry Bronze
75kg Colm McCoy Bronze

1965 West Germany
60kg Jim McCourt Bronze

1969 Romania
54kg Mick Dowling Bronze

1971 Spain
52kg Neil McLoughlin Bronze
57kg Brendan McCarthy Bronze
54kg Mick Dowling Bronze

1977 East Germany
49kg Phil Sutcliffe Bronze

1979 West Germany
54kg Phil Sutcliffe Bronze

1981 Finland
49kg Gerry Hawkins Bronze

1983 Bulgaria
69kg Kieran Joyce Bronze

1985 Hungary
51kg Sean Casey Bronze

1991 Sweden
57kg Paul Griffin Gold

1993 Turkey
57kg Paul Griffin Bronze

1996 Denmark
51kg Damaen Kelly Bronze

1998 Belarus
75kg Brian Magee Silver

2004 Croatia
75kg Andy Lee Bronze

2005 Norway
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2006 Poland
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2007 Denmark
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2006 Bulgaria
81kg Ken Egan Bronze

2008 England
60kg Ross Hickey Bronze
64kg John Joe Joyce Bronze
75kg Eamonn O’Kane Bronze

2009 Ukraine
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2010 Russia
49kg Paddy Barnes Gold
75kg Darren O’Neill Silver
57kg Tyrone McCullough Bronze
60kg Eric Donovan Bronze
81kg Ken Egan Bronze

2011 Netherlands
60kg Katie Taylor Gold

2011 Turkey
64kg Ray Moylette Gold
81kg Joe Ward Gold

2013 Belarus
56kg John Joe Nevin Gold
75kg Jason Quigley Gold
49kg Paddy Barnes Silver
52kg Michael Conlan Silver

2014 Romania
60kg Katie Taylor Gold
69kg Claire Grace Bronze

2015 Turkey
56kg Michael Conlan Gold
81kg Joe Ward Gold
64kg Dean Walsh Bronze

2016 Bulgaria
75kg Christina Desmond Bronze

2017 Ukraine
81kg Joe Ward Gold
52kg Brendan Irvine Bronze
56kg Kurt Walker Bronze

2019 Belarus
56kg Kurt Walker Gold
49kg Regan Buckley Bronze
75kg Michael Nevin Bronze

2019 Spain
75kg Aoife O’Rourke Gold
60kg Amy Broadhurst Bronze