Irish squad

Team Ireland will be taking home at least ten bronze medals from the European Schoolboy Championships in Valcea, Romania.

Ireland’s talented young prospects won 10 of their quarter-finals today. Brooklyn Saunders, Jake Charles, Cahir Gormley, Olympic BC pair Patrick Sweeney and Patrick Donovan, Cain Lewis, Eoghan Lavin, John Ward, Sean Walsh and Jordan Ward had their hands raised in victory to ensure podium finishes.

Michael Donoghue,Cory Byrne-Dunbar, Shamie McDonagh, James Whelan, Aaron McElligott, Darragh Farrell and Thomas McDonnell gave fine accounts of themselves this afternoon and early evening.

Today’s haul of ten medals matches the joint record-breaking collection of the Irish teams at the European Schoolboy Championships at Anapa 2012 and Dublin 2013 in terms of quantity.

The class of 2017 will now be looking to upgrade their guaranteed bronze to at least silver in the semi-finals on Monday.

The semi-finals and finals are slated for decision on Monday and Tuesday in Romania.

Enormous credit to the managerial and coaching staff of Peter O’Donnell, Stephen McElhinney,  Paddy Gallagher and Liam Brereton who saw the Boys in Green through 17 tough quarter-finals in today.

Meanwhile, Irish boxing has now won 89 medals at this level since the inaugural European Schoolboy Championships at Rome 2003 where Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 Olympians John Joe Joyce and David Oliver Joyce and current WBA World super-bantamweight champion Carl Frampton finished in podium positions, along with David Joyce (gold), Keith Boyle and John McDonagh.

European Schoolboys Championships 2017, Valcea, Romania July 17th/26th

July 18th (Last 16)

65kg Aaron McElligott (Ireland) beat Samuel Florin-Cimpoesu (Romania) 5-0

July 19th (Last 16)
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) beat Einoras Sinkevicus (Lithuania) TKO2
48kg Sheamie McDonagh (Ireland) beat Beka Tserediani (Georgia) 5-0
56kg James Whelan (Ireland) beat Barga Entika (Hungary) 5-0
62kg Danny McHugh (Ireland) lost to Marcus Ellis (England) 2-3

July 20th (Last 16)
38.5kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) beat Jack Dryden (England) 4-1
41.5kg Jack Charles (Ireland) beat Vadim Ystonov (Moldova) TKO3
50kg Patrick Donovan (Ireland) beat Pavel Bozovic (Montenegro) 5-0
52kg Cain Lewis (Ireland) beat Jure Bratovich (Croatia) TKO1

July 21st (Last 16)
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Ireland) beat Gabriel Paynarov (Bulgaria) 4-1
54kg Sean Roche (Ireland) lost to Ersungur Goktur (Turkey) 1-4
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Kamil Urbaniak (Poland) 5-0

July 22nd (Q/Finals)
38.5kg Michael Donoghue (Ireland) lost to Radoslav Rosenov (Bulgaria) 0-5
40kg Brooklyn Saunders (Ireland) beat Yaslin Farell (Germany) 5-0
41.5kg Jack Charles (Ireland) beat Zgajner Jure (Slovakia) TKO2
43kg Cory Byrne-Dunbar (Ireland) lost to Abdullah Karpuz (Turkey) 2-3
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Ireland) beat Octo Ibrahim (Turkey) 5-0
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) beat Vlad Vaskovskyii (Ukraine) 5-0
48kg Shamie McDonagh (Ireland) lost to Alexandr Zyrianov (Russia) 0-5
50kg Patrick Donovan (Ireland) beat Yunis Guliiev (Ukraine) 4-1
52kg Cain Lewis (Ireland) beat Lukasz Perkoski (Poland) 5-0
56kg James Whelan (Ireland) lost to Kosta Simeno (Bulgaria) 2-3
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) beat Danil Tsitko (Belarus) 5-0
65kg Aaron McElligott (Ireland) lost Yahor Simakov (Belarus) 0-5
68kg John Ward (Ireland) beat Szyman Szyma (Poland) 5-0
72kg Sean Walsh (Ireland) beat Alam Kudic (Croatia) TKO1
76kg Darragh Farrell (Ireland) lost to Borna Loncaric (Croatia) 0-5
80kg Jordan Ward (Ireland) beat Arten Buiru (Ukraine) 3-2
90kg Thomas McDonnell (Ireland) lost to Hovhan Papazyan (Armenia) 0-5

July 24th


41.5kg Jack Charles (Ireland) v Krasmir Dzhurav (Bulgaria)
40kg Brooklyn Saunders (Ballybough) v Tommy Cole (England)
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Ireland) v Ivan Kobzev (Russia)
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Ireland) v Danil Kirilov (Bulgaria)
50kg Patrick Donovan (Ireland) v Anton Kirilov (Bulgaria)
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ireland) v Gelik Burkcan (Turkey)
52kg Cain Lewis (Ireland) v Gor Mkhitaryan (Georgia)
68kg John Ward (Ireland) v Antionio Grabic (Croatia)
72kg Sean Walsh (Ireland) v Parr Kyle (England)
80kg Jordan Ward (Ireland) v Andrija Badza (Croatia)

Irish squad

38.5kg Michael Donoghue (St Michaels Athy)
40kg Brooklyn Saunders (Ballybough) (Bronze, at least)
41.5kg Jake Charles (Mullingar Elite) (Bronze, at least)
43kg Cory Byrne-Dunbar (St Aidans)
44.5kg Cahir Gormley (Maydown Olympic) (Bronze, at least)
46kg Patrick Sweeney (Olympic) (Bronze, at least)
48kg Shamie McDonagh (St Pauls Wat)
50kg Patrick Donovan (Olympic) (Bronze, at least)
52kg Cain Lewis (Ballymun) (Bronze, at last)
54kg Sean Roche (Donore)
56kg James Whelan (Dublin Docklands)
59kg Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhaunis) (Bronze, at least)
62kg Danny McHugh (Two Castles)
65kg Aaron McElligott (Cashen Vale)
68kg John Ward (Brosna) cpt (Bronze, at least)
72kg Sean Walsh (Trojan) (Bronze, at least)
76kg Darragh Farrell (St Josephs Edenderry)
80kg Jordan Ward (Bay City) (Bronze, at least)
90kg Thomas McDonnell (Crumlin)

Team Manager – Peter O’Donnell
Coaches – Stephen McElhinney, Paddy Gallagher and Liam Brereton
R&J – Larry Durand