A top Irish Youth and Junior side will take on Wales in Cardiff this weekend.

Both nations meet at the Sports Wales National Centre on Saturday and Sunday.

Irish team manager Eugene Duffy said the squad are looking forward to a competitive doubleheader with a Wales team who sent a strong side to Strabane last October.

The Irish squad arrived in Wales earlier today.

Boxing begins at 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday.

Irish squad

45kg Martin Collins (Drimnagh)
49kg Dylan Eagleson (St Paul’s A)
52kg Jack Rapple (Monkstown, D)
51kg Chloe Gabriel (Mulhuddart)
51kg Rachael Lawless (Portlaoise)
54kg Suffie Edris (Monkstown D)
57kg Martin McCullagh (Gleann)
60kg John McConnell (Holy Trinity)
60kg Aodhan Byrne (Kilcullen)
64kg Matthew Tyndall (Dublin Docklands)

Team manager: Eugene Duffy

Coaches: John Gallagher, Liam Cunningham, Nicole Meli

R&J Paul Mayse (Tyrone)