Ireland and the USA went head-to-head in Portland and St Louis almost a quarter of the century ago.

Wayne McCullough, who would reach the Barcelona 1992 Olympic bantam final a year later, recorded two wins in America.

Pat O’Halloran, Eamonn Magee and Gordon Joyce also did the double against the Americans.

Ireland chalked up 12 wins on the trip to win the series.

Dual Match USA

Portland, USA

March 12, 1991

51kg Marcel Brown USA Thomas Waite IRL 3:0
51kg Pat O’Halloran IRL Ronald Dunlop USA 2:1
54kg Wayne McCullough IRL Guillermo Jorrin USA 3:0
60kg Larry Nicholson USA Seamus McCann IRL RSC3
63,5kg Damion Jasmer USA Anthony Hennessy IRL 3:0
67kg Mark Lewis USA Billy Boyd IRL 2:1
67kg Eamonn Magee IRL Pat Briceno USA 3:0
71kg Gordon Joyce IRL Jerry Heller USA 3:0
71kg James Webb IRL Dan Connolly USA 2:1
81kg Richard Bonds USA Dan Curran IRL DQ3

Dual Match USA

Clarion Hotel, St.Louis, USA

March 14, 1991

51kg Thomas Waite IRL DeAndre Knox USA 2:1
51kg Pat O’Halloran IRL Travis Gregory USA 2:1
54kg Mike Vaile USA Paul Buttimer IRL 2:1
54kg Wayne McCullough IRL Clarence Temple USA AB1
57kg Roy Nash IRL Danny Bostic USA 2:1
60kg Patrice Brooks USA Seamus McCann IRL 2:1
63,5kg Terron Millett USA Anthony Hennessy IRL 3:0
67kg T.J.Davis USA Billy Boyd IRL 3:0
67kg Eamonn Magee IRL Daniel Boyce USA 3:0
71kg Gordon Joyce IRL Odell McKinnis USA 3:0
71kg Eric Benford USA James Webb IRL AB1
81kg Mark Delaney IRL Jim Compton USA RSC3