Ireland send a team to Cardiff this weekend to tackle Wales in a return match after the recent meetings in Wexford.

All boxers and officials are advised to be at the National Boxing Stadium on Friday morning at 5am for a bus departure to Roslare. The team will then travel by boat to Fishguard and on to Cardiff for the final destination and weigh-in.

The International starts on Saturday in the Sports Wales National Centre (CF119SW) at 12 noon. Following the contests, the team will return to Fishguard for a sailing back to Roslare for 5:30am and then onwards to the National Boxing Stadium for 8/8:30am on Sunday morning.

Boxers are asked to arrive at the National Stadium on Friday morning with their blue vest and shorts, blue headguard and their boxing record/medical book.


33KG Corey Jones v Scott Thompson
43KG Tommy Joe Jones v Kyle Smith
38KG Harvey Williams v Martin Collins
42KG Kieran James v John Donoghue
44KG John Murphy v Cian Dolan
58KG Tom Price v Michael Lambe
46KG Kieran Bevan v William Faulkner
46KG Romeo Costa v Michael Faulkner
46KG Ben Witter v Nathan Keegan
52KG Zoe Andrews v Robyn Murran
52KG Kobin Crocker v Jack Connors
60KG Alex O’Sullivan v Keelyn Roche
60KG Scott James v Ciarán Delaney
51KG Mohammed Hashim v Craig Bigger
60KG Ioan Croft v Jack McGivern
64KG Jamie James v Stephen Cairns
64KG Garvan Croft v Gareth Dowling
69KG Taylor Bevan v David Nevin

Team Manager: Philip Roche
Coaches: Paddy Gallagher &Stephen Molloy
Referee/Judge: Gary McGillion & Eddie Cummins