Ireland has won 22 medals at the World Men’s and Women’s Youth Championships since Eamonn Loughran and Denis Galvin secured silver and bronze at the 1987 edition of the tournament in Cuba.

The all-time haul is two gold, six silver and fourteen bronze medals.

Ray Moylette and Joe Ward – who won double gold at the 2011 European Elites – claimed back-to-back World Youth titles in Mexico and Azerbaijan in 2008 and 2010.

Loughran, Eamon Magee, former World pro champions Andy Lee and Ryan Burnett, who secured Olympic Youth gold in 2010, and Christina Desmond reached World Youth finals.

Lee beat American champion, Jesus Gonzalez, in the semi-finals in Cuba in 2002.

Hall of Fame coach Emanual Steward wanted to know who was this Irish kid beating American titlists.

Lee signed with Steward’s Detroit Kronk gym a few years after his win over the Arizona southpaw.

Denis Galvin, Neil Sinclair, Colman Barrett, David Joe Joyce, Tommy McCarthy, Katie Rowland, Michael Walsh, Kurt Walker, Natasha Logan, Gabriel Dossen,  Michael Nevin, Caitlin Fryers, Katelyn Fryers and Judge Gallagher took home bronze from the World Youths.

(Image: Ray Moylette and Joe Ward claimed double gold for Ireland at the World Youths and also at the European Elites)


1987 Cuba
64kg Eamonn Loughran Silver
71kg Denis Galvin Bronze

1989 Puerto Rico
64kg Eamon Magee Silver

1992 Canada
64kg Neil Sinclair Bronze

2000 Hungary
91kg Colman Barrett Bronze

2002 Cuba
71kg Andy Lee Silver

2008 Mexico
60kg Ray Moylette Gold
64kg Jamie Kavanagh Silver
69kg David Joe Joyce Bronze
81kg Tommy McCarthy Bronze

2010 Azerbaijan
75kg Joe Ward Gold
48kg Ryan Burnett Silver

2011 Turkey
48kg Katie Rowland Bronze
57kg Michaela Walsh Bronze

2012 Armenia
52kg Kurt Walker Bronze

2013 Bulgaria
69kg Christina Desmond Silver

2015 China
54kg Natasha Logan Bronze

2016 Russia
64kg Gabriel Dossen Bronze
75kg Michael Nevin Bronze

2017 India
48kg Caitlin Fryers Bronze
64kg Katelyn Phelan Bronze

49kg Jude Gallagher Bronze