Michael Carruth is crowned Olympic champion


RTE begins a five part series tonight in search of the greatest moment in Irish sport, Michael Carruth’s and Katie Taylor’s gold medal wins at the Olympics, for instance.

Irish sport has provided some pretty seismic moments in recent decades and it has seen the emergence of individuals who would define eras and go on to become legends. However, how many of those moments have transcended sport?

How many have made the nation stand-still and lived long in the memory to stand the test of time? Ireland’s Greatest Sporting Moment will give you at home the opportunity to pick the moment that you think stands out above all others.

Katie Taylor is declared Olympic champion in 2012

This show will reflect on the 50 years of Irish sport between Ireland’s first TV Sport broadcast in 1962 up until 2012. Although there have been some incredible sporting moments since, the cut-off will ensure that there is enough distance to ensure the moment stands the test of time.

Presented by Des Cahill and Evanne Ni Chuilinn, Ireland’s Greatest Sporting Moment will run every Thursday for 5 weeks, starting November 9 at 9.30pm on RTE 2.

Ireland’s greatest sporting moment) will be determined by a live social media and text vote from viewers at home.