Dear Members,
As you are no doubt aware, yesterday saw the Irish government announce additional measures/restrictions aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19. Please see link to government statement below:

These new government restrictions limit the number of people who can attend outdoor and indoor events. From a practical perspective, this means boxing clubs MUST now limit the number persons attending indoor training/club event sessions to 6 and for outdoor training/club event sessions the number of persons who can attend is now limited to 15.

Please be advised this includes coaches and/or support staff. For example, 1 Covid-19 Officer + 1 Coach +4 Boxers or 1 Covid-19 Officer (who is a coach) +5 boxers.

These restrictions will remain in place until at least 13th September 2020. All IABA clubs in the 32 counties MUST adhere to these new restrictions.

Please note, the current restrictions introduced in Kildare, Laois and Offaly will remain in place until at least the 23rd August 2020. If those restrictions are then lifted, those counties will then follow the maximum of 6 for indoor and 15 for outdoor sessions. For more information on these restrictions please see the link below:

This pandemic continues to have a detrimental effect on all areas of society with sport being no exception. The virus is on the increase in Ireland and in recent weeks there have been multiple outbreaks throughout the island. As such, everyone must play their part to help to suppress the virus to prevent stricter restrictions being re-imposed in the coming weeks.

The IABA would like to thank all its members and volunteers who have worked tirelessly throughout this unprecedented period. We must redouble our effort now and follow the expert advice – regular hand-washing, keeping a 2 meters distance between ourselves and others, good cough and sneeze etiquette, wearing face coverings on public transport and in shops and other indoor outlets, limiting contacts with others and self-isolating immediately and ringing your GP if you have any symptoms.

Please stay safe and kept updated of government guidance/advice. For more Covid-19 information please visit: