Kieran Molloy, Brett McGinty, James McGivern

Team Ireland are between the ropes in the quarter-finals of the Livenstev Memorial in Belarus today.

Boxing began at 11am (Irish time) in Minsk. A second session starts at 3pm.

Jordan Moore is first up, followed Brett McGinty and Kevin Sheehy in the opening session.

James McGivern and Martin Keenan, who won last night, box in the second session.


Liventsev Memorial Minsk, Belarus


October 10


56kg Jordan Moore (Ireland) v Bekzat Makzhan (Kazakhstan)
64kg James McGivern (Ireland) v Paolo di Lernia (Italy)
75kg Brett McGinty (Ireland) v Giorgi Kharabadze (Georgia)
91kg Kevin Sheehy (Ireland) v Robertas Jakulys (Lithuania)
91kg+ Martin Keenan (Ireland) v Paul Omba (France)


October 9

Last 16

52kg Regan Buckley (Ireland) lost to Nodari Barbaigze (Belarus) 0-5
69kg Eugene McKeever (Ireland) lost to Yauheni Marachauk (Belarus) 2-3
91kg+ Martin Keenan (Ireland) beat Dmitry Makarevich (Belarus) 5-0


Irish squad

52kg Regan Buckley (St Teresa’s BC)
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin)
64kg James McGivern (St Georges)
69kg Eugene McKeever (Holy Family)
75kg Brett McGinty (Oakleaf)
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis)
91+kg Martin Keenan (Rathkeale)
Coaches: Michael Carruth, Eoin Pluck
R&J: John Mongan