Louth LSP seeks nominations from Boxing for Sports Club Volunteer of the Year Awards

Cr: Pexels

Louth Local Sports Partership is seeking nominees from boxing for its 2023 Sports Club Volunteer of the Year Awards.

The LSP will hold a gala event on November 6th, to recognise one volunteer from every sports club in Louth.

The awards are an opportunity for sports clubs in Louth to recognise one volunteer from their club to receive an award. One volunteer from every sports club in Louth will receive an award.

The nomination link is below along with some FAQ’S

Link to nominate: https://forms.office.com/e/wQJqiU5G3s


Q: Is there a cost involved to the club or nominee for this award?

A: There is no cost for either the club or the individual for this award, we want to create an opportunity for all clubs to recognise that one volunteer within the club for their hard work and dedication t o the club.

Q: When will we find out if our club nominee will get an award?

A: There is no judging on our side for these awards; whoever your club puts forward WILL be getting an award.

Q: Who all can attend at the awards ceremony?

A: Due to the number of individuals receiving awards on the night, each award winner will be allowed to take ONE other person with them of their choosing on the night.

Q: What happens if our nominee can’t attend the awards ceremony on 6th November 2023?

A: Don’t worry, your club will still be acknowledged and the award will be forwarded to the club so you can do your own presentation internally.

Q: What is the closing date for our club to submit a nomination?

A: The closing date is Wednesday 11th October 2023.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Please email Louthlsp@louthcoco.ie and one of the team will answer your query.