Dear Boxing Friends,

I am very pleased to bring to your attention the valuable advice provided by the EUBC Medical Commission Chair, Dr Ioannis Filippatos, to prevent the possible transmission of the coronaravirus. Since many of our boxers, coaches, referees and judges travel around the world to participate in international boxing competitions, Dr. Filippatos, who is a great specialist and a great human resource of our sport, has prepared synthetic, but realistic guidelines to avoid any opportunity to be in contact with this dangerous virus:

1. Use surgery or dentist masks when you are in crowded places.

2. Wash often hands with water and soap.

3. Use often antibacterial wet wipes

4. Avoid public transportation, malls, theaters, cinemas, elevators, etc.

5. Avoid being close to people that sneeze and cough.

6. Avoid salutations by kissing and hugging.

7. Drink a lot of water and liquids (tea, fresh juices, etc.), approximately 2 lt per day.

8. MANDATORY use of VIT C 500-1000 mg per day for 7 days and continue the use from day 8 VIT. C 150-200 mg for at least 14 days

I hope you will follow these tips and the health of our boxing world will be protected.

With my best Regards,

Franco Falcinelli

EUBC President