Monkstown Boxing Club’s 15 boxers, coaches & officials returned home this morning from a fantastic boxing trip to New York.

On Friday 7th October they boxed against a New York State Selection in Gleason’s Gym, after 13 hard fought bouts Monkstown BC came out on top winning the overall matchup by 7-6, a phenomenal achievement. Unfortunately for one of the Monkstown girls who was due to compete – she injured her hand in the week leading up to the trip, also we had 10 year old Girl Iman Edris compete in a skills exhibition bout (no decision). Results of the boxing show below.

On Sunday 9th we were back in Gleason’s Gym – this time for training & sparring. Our 2 senior boys Niall O’Connor (age 20) and Kenneth Doyle (age 17) got to spar 5 rounds with Professional World Champion Contender Leon Moore (record W32 L3), a really brilliant experience for our 2 up and coming champions. Leon’s legendary coach Darius Forde was very impressed with both boys and commented that both have big future’s in Boxing, he would be very interested in training them both if either ever decided to head stateside.

On Monday 10th we took the boxers to Woodside Boxing Academy, Queens, New York. Here they got to train & spar with some locals. Again gym owner Alex Serna who was at the boxing show in Gleason’s on Friday was very impressed with the standard of all our boxers. He was in shock when we reminded him that we have another 30 boxers at home who could of made the trip.

On the days away from training the team took in many of the sites of New York – including a Boat trip to Staten Island, attending an open air concert in Times Square featuring Alicia Keys, Twin Tower memorial, Grand Central Station, Madison Square Garden, shopping at Woodbury Common outlets, Central Park, Chelsea Piers and many more.

Team manager Tony Brien had this to say about the trip: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our boxers, with many of them travelling to America for the very first time.

“The boxing was briliant with all the boxers giving their all in the ring and coming away with a top class win against really good American kids. Outside the ring the kids were impecably behaved, they all had great fun.”

1.    MBC at Dublin Airport
2.    MBC Arrive in NYC and are ready
3.    MBC ready for action against NYC State, Gleason’s Gym 07/10/2016
4.    Some of the New York State Boxers at ring parade
5.    Kenneth Doyle & Niall O’Connor with World Title Contender Leon Moore
6.    Kenneth Doyle after some hard rounds sparring with World Title Contender Leon Moore
7.    MBC after a hard training session at Woodlands Boxing Gym, Queens, New York
8.    Some of MBC at Grand Central Station

1 Jesslyn Silva NYC State Skills Only 81 Iman Edris Monkstown BC
2 Ruben Miranda NYC State Beat 2/1 92 John Connors Monkstown BC
3 Diego Bengochea NYC State Beat 2/1 92 Jake Rapple Monkstown BC
4 Magnificent Mosher NYC State Lost to 3/0 95 Sean Mari Monkstown BC
5 Bob Pettigrew NYC State Beat 2/1 97 Suffie Edris Monkstown BC
6 Jason Askri NYC State Lost to 3/0 101 Liam Kearns Monkstown BC
7 Will Heaney NYC State Lost to Tko 2 106 Adam Kenny Monkstown BC
8 Arjen Iseni NYC State Lost to 2/1 130 Jack Marley Monkstown BC
9 Ricardo Cartagenia NYC State Lost to 3/0 112 Dylan Doyle Monkstown BC
10 Natalie Dove NYC State Beat Tko2 101 Saoirse Kearns Monkstown BC
11 Arveontae Dukes NYC State Beat Tko2 139 James Fell Monkstown BC
12 Ralph Clemente NYC State Beat 2/1 154 Adam Matthews Monkstown BC
13 Brandon Browne NYC State Lost to 3/0 136 Kenneth Doyle Monkstown BC
14 Christian Otero NYC State Lost to 3/0 145 Niall O’Connor Monkstown BC
15 Faiva Feifilmia NYC State OFF 110 Sara Edris Monkstown BC