The National Novice Finals will not go ahead on Friday due to the adverse weather conditions.

The Finals will be re-scheduled to a suitable date and this will be notified to all as soon as a new date has been agreed.

The Central Council will also be monitoring the weather forecasts for the weekend and will advise tomorrow, March 1, as to the arrangements for the scheduled Junior and Boy 4 weigh-ins for this weekend around the country.



National Novice Championships National Stadium Dublin



February 17th

52kg Anita Larkin (Baldoyle) beat Kinga Krzak (Celtic Eagles) RSC3


February 23rd

70kg Karolina Jaglowska (Celtic Eagles) beat Laura Smith (Lisburn) 5-0

Remaining Finals Deferred Until  Date to Be Advised

57kg Bobby Doolin (Dimnagh) V Erikas Skadas (Crumlin
60kg Danielle Keaney (Ballinacarrow) W/O
60kg Andrew Ryan (Loughshore) V Sammy Lechea (Dublin Docklands)
63kg Grainne Kilker (Geesala) W/O
64kg Shay Quinn (Loughshore) V Michael Duggan (Dungarvan)
66kg Sibheal Greene (Drumsna) V Melanie Barras (Lumpini)
67kg Jack Matthews (Monkstown Dub) V Patrick O’Neill (Mark Heagney)
71kg Daniel McCarthy (Mount Tallant) V Killian Freehill (Drimnagh)
75kg Nicole O’Brien (Glen) W/O
75kg Bob Hull (Crumlin) V Conor Bolger (Smithfield)
81kg John McCann (St Bronaghs) V Paul O’Brien (Drimnagh)
85kg Niall McKenna (Ballinacarrow) V Brian Mowlds (Drimnagh)
91kg Eamon Gilligan (Dunboyne) V Robert Scott (St Annes)
91+kg Alan Love (Ballinacarrow) V Gatis Jansevskis (Tullow)

February 23rd

S/Finals and Final

57kg Bobby Doolin (Dimnagh) W/O
57kg Erikas Skadas (Crumlin)  beat Jamie Troy (Hyland Academy) 5-0
60kg Andrew Ryan (Loughshore) beat  Luke Rice (Hyland Academy) 5-0
60kg Sammy Lechea (Dublin Docklands) beat Cormac Leonard (South Meath) 5-0
64kg Shay Quinn (Loughshore) beat Brooklyn O’Connell (Togher) RSC1
64kg Michael Duggan (Dungarvan) beat John Corrigan (Dublin Docklands) 5-0
66kg Melanie Barras (Lumpini) W/O
67kg Jack Matthews (Monkstown Dub) beat Alberto Conte (Crumlin) 5-0
67kg Patrick O’Neill (Mark Heagney) beat Tim Burns (Canal)  5-0
71kg Daniel McCarthy (Mount Tallant) W/O
71kg Killian Freehill (Drimnagh) beat  Kyle Morgan (Rathfirland) 4-1
75kg Bob Hull (Crumlin) beat  Marc Craig (Four Kings) 5-0
81kg John McCann (St Bronaghs) beat  Frank van Esbeck (Angels) 4-1
81kg Paul O’Brien (Drimnagh) W/O
85kg Niall McKenna (Ballinacarrow) beat Ross Murphy (South Side) 3-2
85kg Brian Mowlds (Drimnagh) beat Lawrence Fair (Comber) RSC3
91kg Eamon Gilligan (Dunboyne) beat Paul O’Neill (Westside) 3-2
91kg Robert Scott (St Annes) beat  Darren Corcoran (South Meath) RSC2
91+kg+ Alan Love (Ballinacarrow) beat Robert Lupu (St Michaels Dublin) 5-0
91+kg Gatis Jansevskis (Tullow) beat Philip Brophy (Angels) 5-0

February 10th


67kg Patrick O’Neill (Mark Heagney) beat Joe Stubbings (Angels) RSC2
81kg John McCann (St Bronaghs) beat Jason Heffernan (Angels) RSC3
81kg Frank van Esbeck (Angels) beat Gary Owens (Grangecon) 3-2
81kg Paul O’Brien (Drimnagh) beat Darren Cole (Ballinacarrow) RSC2
81kg Cathal Carey (Celtic Eagles) beat Martin Quinn (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
85kg Ross Murphy (Southside) beat James O’Shea (Tullow) 5-0
85kg Niall McKenna (Ballinacarrow) beat David O’Reilly (Ballinacarrow) 3-2
85kg Brian Mowlds (Drimnagh) W/O
85kg Lawrence Fair (Comber) W/O
91kg Paul O’Neill (Westside) beat Damien Murphy (Midleton) RSC3
91kg Eamon Gilligan (Dunboyne) beat Anthony Freeman (Angels) 5-0
91kg Robert Scott (St Annes) beat Ciaran Donnelly (Mark Heagney) 4-1
91kg Darren Corcoran (South Meath) beat Clyde Brennan (Ballinacarrow)  5-0
91+kg Gatis Jansevskis (Tullow) beat  Tommy Lysaght (St Francis) 5-0

February 3rd


60kg Sammy Lechea (Dublin Docklands) beat Oisin Oliver (Aglish) 5-0
64kg Brooklynn O’Connell (Togher) beat Cian Murphy (St Michaels Dublin) 4-1
64kg Shay Quinn (Loughshore) W/O
64kg John Corrigan (Dublin Docklands) beat Danny Ryan (Tipperary Town) 4-1
64kg Michael Duggan (Dungarvan) beat Tiernan O’Kane (St Caices) 5-0
67kg Jack Matthews (Monkstown Dublin) beat Kyle Carey (Carrickmacross) 4-1
67kg Alberto Conte (Crumlin) beat David Zukrowski (Bray) 4-1
67kg Patrick O’Neill (Mark Heagney) beat David Sharp (St Michaels Dublin) 5-0
67kg Tim Burns (Canal) beat Scott Byrne (Dunboyne) 3-2
71kg Declan Duffy (Twin Towns) beat Joe Minnock (St Carthages) 3-2
71kg Daniel McCarthy (Mount Tallant) beat Adam O’Malley (Esker) 5-0
71kg Killian Freehill (Drimnagh) beat Kevin Murphy (Esker) 5-0
71kg Kyle Morgan (Rathfirland) beat Sam Malone (Drimnagh) 5-0
75kg Bob Hull (Crumlin) beat Danny Boyle (Dungloe) 4-1
75kg Marc Craig (Four Kings) beat Dillon Foster (Bracken) 5-0
75kg Conor McGinn (D.C.U.) beat Glen McMenany (St Michaels Dublin) 5-0
75kg Conor Bolger (Smithfield) beat Jack Clerkin (St Patricks Dromahaire) 5-0

February 2nd


71kg Kevin Murphy (Esker) W/O
71kg Killian Freehill (Drimnagh) beat  Shane Morrow (St Teresa’s) 5-0
71kg Kyle Morgan (Rathfirland) beat Gary Conlan (St Pats Dromahaire) 5-0
71kg Sam Malone (Drimnagh) beat  Patrick Coyle (Ballinacarrow) 5-0
75kg Conor Bolger (Smithfield) beat  Jack Brady (Crumlin) 3-2
75kg Jack Clerkin (St Patricks Dromahaire) W/O
81kg Frank van Esbeck (Angels) beat Simon Costello (Angels) 5-0
81kg Paul O’Brien (Drimnagh) W/O
81kg Darren Cole (Ballinacarrow) W/O
81kg Cathal Carey (Celtic Eagles) beat Alan Muldoon (Ballinacarrow) KO2
81kg Martin Quinn (Celtic Eagles) beat Eoghan Hurley (Saviours Crystal) 5-0
91kg Darren Corcoran (South Meath) W/O