Seventeen finals will be decided at the National Senior Championships at Dublin’s National Stadium tomorrow evening.

Boxing begins at 7pm.Please scroll down for finals card.

Two World Youth medallists, Gabriel Dossen (2016) and Caitlin Fryers (2017) are in action on the last day of competition with Fryers, pictured below, meeting Kirsten Cresham at flyweight.

Dossen,who boxes out of Galway’s Olympic BC, is in against Christopher Mulligan for middleweight gold.

Clann Naofa stand out Mulligan impressed in last weekend’s split decision last four decision over Shane Dooley which was decided on a 3-2 split.

Dossen is aiming for a fifth Irish belt and is eagerly looking forward to the weekend’s three-rounder, according to his club coach Mike Mongan,pictured above with the four-time Irish champion.

“Gabriel is in flying form and really looking forward to Friday’s finals.This is Gabriel’s 10th National final but his first at Senior Championship level, he said.

“The aim is to stay busy with Championships and Competitions in the run up to the National Elite Championships.As well as the Elites,Gabriel will also compete in the National U/22 Championships.”

Meantime,Terry Donohue and Adam Hession go head-to-head for flyweight gold and Emma O’Neill and Lois Walsh meet for the women’s bantamweight title

Conor Kerr and Sean Purcell have won two bouts apiece en route to the bantam decider. They’ll be followed by Martin Noonan versus Patryk Adamus on the 17-bout card featuring three Crumlin BC athletes, Courtney Daly, Senan Kelly and Clodagh Green, and Celtic Eagles BC trio, brothers Daniel and Jason Kyne and Gytis Lisinskas.

The Leinster and Connacht units meet directly with Daniel Kyne and Kelly clashing for the light-welter title.

Phil Sutcliffe, head coach at he Crumlin BC, believes the Dublin contingent are in with a big shout.

“We entered ten boxers and we have three in the finals tomorrow night and I’ve confidence,“said the two-time Irish Olympian.

Emma Feeney and Courtney Daly go head-to-head in Friday’s curtain raiser at the home of Irish boxing.

“That will be an excellent fight at 48kg.We could walk away with three titles, we’ll see.We wish the Celtic Eagles club the best of luck.They’re doing very well,” added Sutcliffe who said he’s impressed with Lisinskas in the super heavy class.

Admission for Friday’s finals is €15 for adults and €5 for U/14s.

Club deals – (€5 admission for a party of 20 or more)

Friday’s weigh-ins – 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm at the National Stadium.

National Senior Championships National Stadium Dublin.

Friday November 30

Finals (7pm)

48kg Emma Feeney (Virginia) V Courtney Daly (Crumlin)
49kg Diarmuid Toland (Holy Family GG) W/O
51kg Kirsten Cresham (Castlebar) V Caitlin Fryers (Immaculata)
52kg Adam Hession (Monivea) V Terry Donohue (St Michaels Athy)
54kg Emma O’Neill (St Nicholas) V Lois Walsh (Castlebar)
56kg Conor Kerr (Monkstown A) V Sean Purcell (Enniskerry)
57kg Shauna Blaney (Navan) W/O
60kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) V Martin Noonan (Riverstown)
64kg Daniel Kyne (Celtic Eagles) V Senan Kelly (Crumlin)
64kg Isobella Hughes (Mount Tallant) V Shauna O’Callaghan (Clann Naofa)
69kg Clodagh Green (Crumlin) V Caroline Gallagher (Illies GG)
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) V Patrick Donovan (OLOL)
75kg Renee Roche (Castlebar) V Lauren Kelly (St Brigids Edenderry)
75kg Christopher Mulligan (Clann Naofa) V Gabriel Dossen (Olympic)
81kg Kevin Kehoe (Marble City) V Tommy Hyde (Mayfield)
91kg Daniel O’Brien (St Bernadettes) V Martin J Mongan (Ennis)
91+kg Gytis Lisinskas (Celtic Eagles) V Dean Scullion (Loughshore)


Friday November 23

S/Finals (6.30pm)

52kg Terry Donohue (St Michaels Athy) beat Ben Nelson (Townland) 5-0
56kg Conor Kerr (Monkstown A) beat Scott O’Connor (Ryston) 3-2
56kg Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) beat Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) 5-0
60kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Dominic Bradley (Errigal) 4-1
60kg Martin Noonan (Riverstown) beat Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) RSCI1
64kg Daniel Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Yannick Meseke (Leos) 4-1
64kg Senan Kelly (Crumlin) beat Alex Higgins (Togher) RSCI1
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Luke Maguire (Esker) 3-2
69kg Patrick Donovan (O.L.O.L.) beat Michael Kinsella (St Anthonys/Pats) 5-0
75kg Christopher Mulligan (Clann Naofa) beat Shane Dooley (Clonard L) 3-2
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) W/O
81kg Kevin Kehoe (Marble City) beat Davit Tsotsoria (Illies GG) 5-0
81kg Tommy Hyde (Mayfield) beat Philip Hickey (Paulstown) 5-0
91kg Daniel O’Brien (St Bernadettes) beat Thomas Maughan (Cavan) 4-1
91kg Martin J Mongan (Ennis) beat Marcin Skalski (Leos) 5-0
91+kg Gytis Lisinskas (Celtic Eagles) beat Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) 5-0
91+kg Dean Scullion (Loughshore) beat Martin Stokes (Crumlin) 4-1

November 17


75kg John McDonagh (Illies GG) beat Shane O’Brien (St Francis) 4-0
48kg Emma Feeney (Virginia) W/O
48kg Courtney Daly (Crumlin) beat Chloe Fleck (Lisburn) 4-1
69kg Caroline Gallagher (Illies GG) beat Karolina Jaglowska (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Daniel Holahan (Kilcullen) 4-1
69kg Patrick Donovan (OLOL) beat Patrick Cullen (Ballagh) RSC2
69kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/Pats) beat Aaron Daly (Castlebar) 5-0
75kg Christopher Mulligan (Clann Naofa) beat Andrew Whitehouse Santry) 5-0
75kg Shane Dooley (Clonard L) beat Denis Ahern (Castlebar) 4-1
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Paul Ryan (Mulhuddart) 5-0
81kg Davit Tsotsoria (Illies GG) beat Michael Erpelding (Holy Family GG) 4-1
81kg Kevin Keogh (Marble City) beat Michael McDonagh (Sacred Heart D) RSC2
81kg Tommy Hyde (Mayfield) W/O
81kg Philip Hickey (Paulstown) beat Edward O’Connor (Sacred Heart Dub) 3-2
91kg Daniel O’Brien (Santry) beat John Sheridan (Crumlin) AB2
91kg Thomas Maughan (Cavan) beat Pierre Stokes (Leos) 5-0
91kg Martin J Mongan (Ennis) beat Eamon Gilligan (Dunboyne) 5-0
91kg Marcin Skalski (Leos) beat Eamon Breen (Towland) RSC3
91+kg Martin Stokes (Crumlin) beat Patrick Rodgers (St Johns Derry) RSC3
91+kg Dean Scullion (Loughshore) beat Keith McEneaney (Dealgan) RSC3

November 16


56kg Scott O’Connor (Ryston) beat Sam Carroll (Rathnew) 5-0
56kg Conor Kerr (Monkstown A) beat Gary McDonald (Corrib) 5-0
56kg Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) beat Dean McCormick (Whitechurch) AB2
56kg Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) beat Colm Culleton (Crumlin) 5-0
60kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Teo Alin (Cookestown) 5-0
60kg Dominic Bradley (Errigal) beat Paul Alexander (Crumlin) 5-0
60kg Martin Noonan (Riverstown) beat Callum McConnell (Castle Antrim) 5-0
60kg Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat Jordan Smith (Drogheda) 5-0
64kg Yannick Meseke (Leos) beat Aaron O’Donohue (Douglas) 5-0
64kg Daniel Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Jamie Long (Muskerry) 3-2
64kg Senan Kelly (Crumlin) beat Eamer Coughlan (Riverstown) RSCI1
64kg Alex Higgins (Togher) beat Malachy McDonald (Corrib) 5-0
69kg Luke Maguire (Esker) beat Seamus Lyons (Monkstown Dublin) 5-0

November 10


69kg Daniel Holohan (Kilcullen) beat Colm Coneely (Galway) 5-0
69kg Luke Maguire (Esker) beat Cameron Barrett (Swords) 4-1
69kg Seamus Lyons (Monkstown D) beat Tadgh Duffy (St Michaels Dub) 5-0
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Jack Brady (Crumlin) 5-0
69kg Patrick Cullen (Ballagh) beat Sean Hunt (St Michaels Dub) 4-1
69kg Patrick Donovan (O.L.O.L.) W/O
69kg Aaron Daly (Castlebar) beat Peter Fabian (St Mary’s Dublin) 5-0
69kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/Pats) beat Tom Stokes (Oakleaf) 5-0

November 9


60kg Martin Noonan (Riverstown) beat Ben Teeling (Drogheda) 5-0
60kg Jordan Smith (Drogheda) beat Eoin Meaney (Leos) 5-0
60kg Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat Mosa Kambula (Holy Trinity) 4-1
64kg Alex Higgins (Togher) beat Kevin Loonam (St Carthages) 5-0
69kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/Pats) beat Senan Dwyer (Hyland Academy) 3-2
69kg Tom Stokes (Oakleaf) beat Jack Prenderville (St Saviours OBA) 5-0
75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Bob Hall (Crumlin) RSC3
75kg John McDonagh (Illies GG) beat Oran Shiels (Illies GG) 5-0
75kg Shane O’Brien (St Francis) beat Scott Kelly (Douglas) 5-0
81kg Edward O’Connor (Sacred Heart Dub) beat Jamie Harty (Rathkeale) RSC2
91kg Eamon Breen (Towland) beat James Leany (Rathkeale) 4-1
91kg Marcin Skalski (Leos) beat Cathal Browne (Illies GG) 5-0