Sixteen National Senior champions will be identified at the National Stadium in Dublin tomorrow night.

The entrance fee for the 2017 finals is €10 for adults and €5 for children (U/14) with boxing scheduled to commence at 7pm.

Click here for list of officials.

Finals Weigh-ins – 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm at the National Stadium.

The IABA wish all athletes the very best of luck this weekend.

National Senior Championships National Stadium Dublin

December 1st

Finals (7pm)

48kg Megan Doyle (Whitechurch) V Courtney Daly (Crumlin)
51kg Nycole Hayes (Togher) V Lois Walsh (Castlebar)
52kg Jordan Halpin (St Pauls Wat) V Kane Marshall (Emerald Antrim)
54kg Kellie McLoughlin (Drimnagh) V Niamh Earley (Ryston)
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) V Scott O’Connor (Ryston)
57kg Emma O’Neill (St Nicholas) W/O
60kg Siobhan Ni Laoire (Corpus Christi) V Aisling Murray (Muskerry)
60kg Terry McEntee (Old School) V Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh)
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) V Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub)
69kg Aoife O’Rourke (Castlerea) V Sarah Sheridan (Gorey)
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) V Thomas Myers (Sligo City)
75kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) V John Maughan (St Marys Dub)
81kg Nell Fox (Rathkeale) W/O
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow)  V Cathal Browne (Illies GG)
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) V Jake Patterson (Crumlin)
91+kg Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) V Antoine Griffin (Celtic Eagles)

November 25th

S/Finals (11am)
51kg Lois Walsh (Castlebar) beat Ciara Anderson (Twin Towns) 5-0
52kg Jordan Halpin (St Pauls Wat) beat Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) 5-0
52kg Kane Marshall (Emerald Antrim) beat Jason Smith (Blessington) 3-2
54kg Niamh Earley (Ryston) beat Shakira Coonghe (Douglas) 3-2
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) beat Christian Cekiso (Portlaoise) 3-2
56kg Scott O’Connor (Ryston) beat Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) 5-0
60kg Aisling Murray (Muskerry) W/O
60kg Terry McEntee (Old School) beat Craig Bonney (Hyland BA) 4-1
60kg Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Teo Allen (Cookstown) 5-0
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) beat Ryan O’Rourke (St Michaels Dub) 5-0
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub) beat  Michael Kinsella (St Anthonys /Pats) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
69kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat Patrick Coney (The Loup) RSC1
75kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) beat Keelan Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) 3-1
75kg John Maughan (St Marys Dub)  beat Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family Drogheda) 3-2
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat James Daly (St Annes) 5-0
81kg Cathal Browne (Illies GG) beat Faolin Rahill (DCU Athletic) 5-0
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) beat Brian Mullen (St Annes) 5-0
91kg Jake Patterson (Crumlin) beat Kevin Cronin (Cashen Vale) RSC1
91+kg Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) beat James Barrett (Olympic) 5-0

91+kg Antoine Griffin (Celtic Eagles) beat Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow) 5-0

November 24th

Q/Finals (7pm)


60kg Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh) beat  Shane Flavin (Paulstown) 3-2
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub) beat  Jamie Long (Muskerry) 3-2
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Daniel Foster (Mullingar Elite) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) 5-0
69kg Patrick Coney (The Loup) W/O
69kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City)  beat Phil Maloney (St Francis) AB3
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat Mark Fitzpatrick (Riverstown) 3-2
81kg James Daly (St Annes) beat Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath GG) 5-0
81kg Cathal Browne (Illies GG) beat David Tsotsoria (Illies GG) 4-1
81kg Faolin Rahill (DCU Athletic) beat  Brendan Kenny (Monivea) 4-1
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) beat Mark Scanlon (Ballinacarrow) AB2
91kg Kevin Cronin (Cashen Vale) beat Anthony Byrne (St Bernadettes) 4-0
91kg Jake Patterson (Crumlin) beat Pearse McDonnell (Star) RSC1
91+kg James Barrett (Olympic) beat  Dean Scullion (Loughshore) 5-0
91+kg Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) beat Andrei Prutneau (St Brenadettes) RSC3
91+kg Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow) beat Patrick Lavery (Tredagh) RSC2

91+kg Antoine Griffin (Celtic Eagles) beat Martin Mongan (Corpus Christi) 5-0

November 18th

60kg Terry McEntee (Old School) beat Eoin Meaney (Leos) 5-0
60kg Theo Allen (Cookstown) beat Conor Murphy (Celtic Eagles) 3-2
64kg Jamie Long (Muskerry) beat Adam Kelly (Ballinacargy) 5-0
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) beat Karl O’Connor (Edenmore) 5-0
64kg Ryan O’Rourke (St Michaels D) beat Jordan Kennedy (St Pauls Wat) 5-0
64kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/St Pats) beat Malachy McDonald (Corrib) 5-0
69kg Daniel Foster (Mullingar Elite) beat Luke Maguire (Esker) 3-2
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat  Nathan Cranley (Monkstown Dublin) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Lee Reeves (Corpus Christi) 5-0
69kg Patrick Coney (The Loup) beat  Peter Fabian (St Marys Dublin) 5-0
69kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Seamus Lyons (Monkstown Dublin) 5-0
69kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat Owen Bergin (Portlaoise) 4-1
60kg Craig Bonney (Hyland BA) beat Ben Teeling (Holy Family Drogheda) 5-0
69kg Phil Maloney (St Francis) beat Andy McDonagh (St Pauls Wat) 5-0
75kg Keelyn Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) beat Derek Duhig (St Francis) 5-0
75kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagle) beat  Adam Keenan (Gorey) 5-0
75kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin) beat Noel Donnelly (Dockers) 5-0
75kg Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family Drogheda) beat  Shane Dooley (Clonard) 5-0
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat Jordan O’Neill (Dublin Docklands) 3-0
81kg Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath GG) beat Simon Bangu (Dunboyne) 5-0
81kg James Daly (St Annes) beat John Connors Bray) 5-0
81kg David Tsotsoria (Illies GG) beat  Philip Hickey (Paulstown) 3-2
81kg Cathal Browne (Illies GG) beat Ryan Simcox (Charleville) 5-0
81kg Faolin Rahill (DCU Athletic) beat Kevin Kehoe (Marble City) 4-1

81kg Brendan Kenny (Monivea) beat  Oran Sheilds (Letterkenny) 5-0

November 17th

56kg Scott O’Connor (Ryston) beat Ben Nelson (Townland) 5-0
60kg Conor Murphy (Celtic Eagles) beat  Seamus OG Deeds (Emerald A) 3-2
60kg Theo Allen (Cookstown) beat  Gary McDonald (Corrib) 5-0
60kg Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Christopher Riggs (Mulhuddart) 5-0
60kg Shane Flavin (Paulstown) beat Robert Byrne (St Margarets) RSC1
64kg Jordan Kennedy (St Pauls Wat) beat Evan Fitzgerald (Esker) 5-0
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dublin) beat  Aaron Daly (Castlebar) 5-0
64kg Malachy McDonald (Corrib) beat   Sean Benson (St Francis) 5-0
64kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthoyns/Pats) beat  Nathan Fleet (Crumlin) 5-0
69kg Andy McDonagh (St Pauls Wat) beat Dominic Degan (Carrickmacross) 5-0
69kg Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) beat  Jamie Kennedy (Loughshore) 4-1
75kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin) beat Conall Deeney (Carrickmore) 4-1
75kg Noel Donnelly (Dockers) beat Wayne Duggan (St Margarets) RSC2
75kg Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family Drogheda) beat Shane Gallagher (All Saints Dub) 5-0
75kg Shane Dooley (Clonard) beat Shane O’Brien (Corpus Christi) 5-0