The line ups are complete for next Friday’s National Senior finals at Dublin’s National Stadium.

22 semi-finals were decided this evening to set up 18 title bouts.

Former European Junior and Youth champion Daina Moorehouse advanced at the expense of Ciara Walsh – both pictured above  –  and  Brandon McCarthy, also a European medalist, beat Killian Geraghty on a 4-1 split in a cracking lightweight bout.

Also this evening, Galway’s Martin Sammon, pictured above in blue, set up a welter decider with Matthew McCole.

Donegal’s Illies BC, courtesy of Caroline Gallagher and Matthew McCole, will be aiming for double gold next weekend, while Jason Harty – whose Rathkeale BC team-mate Martin Mongans also won this evening –  beat Shane O’Brien in a Limerick derby.

Next Friday’s finals begin at 6.30pm.

Next Friday’s Weigh-ins – 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm at the National Stadium.


National Men’s and Women’s Senior Championships National Stadium Dublin

Friday, November 1

S/Finals (6pm)

48kg Daina Moorehouse (Enniskerry) beat Ciara Walsh (Smithfield) 5-0
52kg Nathan Horrigan (Hyland Academy) beat Jason Smith (Fr Flanagans) 5-0
52kg Sean Kavanagh (Monkstown D) beat John Cowman (St Paul’s W) 5-0
57kg Kelsey Leonard (Curragh) W/O
57kg Kellie McLoughlan (Drimnagh) W/O
56kg Jamie Griffin (Riverstown) W/O
60kg Renee Roach (DCU) W/O
60kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels) beat Killian Geraghty (Crumlin) 4-1
60kg Teo Alin (Cookstown) beat Jack McGivern (St Georges) 4-1
64kg Cameron Bennett (Swords) beat Michael O’Donnell (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
64kg Caoimhin Ferguson (Emerald) beat Evan Fitzgerald (Esker) 5-0
69kg Caroline Gallagher (Illies GG) beat Karolina Jaglowska (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
69kg Martin Sammon (Olympic G) beat Matthew McDonagh (Geesala) 5-0
69kg Matthew McCole (Illies GG) beat Sean Butler (Riverstown) 5-0
75kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale) beat Shane O’Brien (St Francis) 5-0
75kg Daniel O’Sullivan (Lucan) beat Oran Shields (Illies GG) 4-1
81kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat Folan Rahill (DCU) 4-1
81kg Sean Crowley (Arklow) beat Daniel Houlihan (Kilcullen) 5-0
91kg Martin Mongans (Rathkeale) beat  Michel Rudolf (Crumlin) AB1
91kg Thomas Maughan (Cavan) beat Marcin Skalski (Athlone) 4-1
91+kg Martin Mongan (Corpus Christi) beat  Patrick Lavery (Tredagh) 5-0
91+kg Ciaran O Griofa (Celtic Eagles) beat Patrick Rogers (St Johns Derry) 3-2

Leinster Final

75kg John Joe Nevin (Crumlin) beat Jack Brady (Crumlin) 5-0

Friday, November 8

Finals (6.30pm)

48kg Emma Feeney (Virginia) V Daina Moorehouse (Enniskerry)
49kg Sean Mari (Monkstown D) V Ricky Nesbitt (Holy Family Drogheda)
51kg Kirsten Cresham (Castlebar) V Kate Radomska (St Pauls Waterford)
52kg Nathan Horrigan (Hyland Academy) V Sean Kavanagh (Monkstown D)
54kg Zara Breslin (Tramore) V Siobhan McKenna (Holy Family GG)
57kg Kelsey Leonard (Curragh) V Kellie McLoughlan (Drimnagh)
56kg Dean Clancy (Sean McDermott) V Jamie Griffin (Riverstown)
60kg Isabella Hughes (Maynooth) V Renee Roach (DCU)
60kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels) V Teo Alin (Cookstown)
64kg Evelyn Igharo (Clann Naofa) V Jaide Gibbons (Crumlin)
64kg Cameron Bennett (Swords) V Caoimhin Ferguson (Emerald)
69kg Rosie Doherty (St Francis) V Caroline Gallagher (Illies GG)
69kg Martin Sammon (Olympic G) V Matthew McCole (Illies GG)
75kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale)  V Daniel O’Sullivan (Lucan)
81kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) V  Sean Crowley (Arklow)
81+kg Naoise Finney (Ballybrack) W/O
91kg Martin Mongans (Rathkeale) V Thomas Maughan (Cavan)
91+kg Martin Mongan (Corpus Christi) V Ciaran O Griofa (Celtic Eagles)


October 25


64kg Michael O’Donnell (Celtic Eagles) W/O
64kg Cameron Bennett (Swords) beat Derek Murray (Muskerry) 3-2
64kg Caoimhin Ferguson (Emerald) W/O
64kg Evan Fitzgerald (Esker) beat Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh) 3-2
69kg Martin Sammon (Olympic G) beat Senan Dwyer (Crumlin) 4-1
69kg Matthew McDonagh (Geesala) W/O
69kg Matthew McCole (Illies GG) beat Conor Reneghan (Keady) 5-0
69kg Sean Butler (Riverstown) beat Antoine Manin (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
75kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale) W/O
75kg Shane O’Brien (St Francis) W/O
75kg Daniel O’Sullivan (Lucan) beat Martin Sweeney (St Catherines) 4-1
75kg Oran Shields (Illies GG) beat Rokas Balrukoni (Clane) 3-2
81kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat Adam Mooney (St Marys Daingean) 5-0
81kg Sean Crowley (Arklow) beat Philip Hickey (Paulstown) 5-0
81kg Daniel Houlihan (Kilcullen) beat Conor Tighe (Ballinacarrow) 5-0
91kg Martin Mongans (Rathkeale) beat Brian Mullen (St Annes) 4-1
91kg Michel Rudolf (Crumlin) W/O
91kg Marcin Skalski (Athlone) W/O
91kg Thomas Maughan (Cavan) beat Shane Cunningham (Fr Horgans) 4-1

October 19


64kg Cameron Bennett (Swords) beat Aaron O’Donohue (Fr Horgans) 5-0
64kg Derek Murray (Muskerry) beat Jordan Morrissey (Athlone) 5-0
64kg Caoimhin Ferguson (Emerald) beat Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) 4-1
64kg Callum Walsh (Riverstown) beat Ryan McCarthy (Togher) 5-0
64kg Evan Fitzgerald (Esker) W/O
64kg Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh) beat Daniel McCarthy (Crumlin) 4-1
69kg Matthew McCole (Illies GG) beat Christian Preston (Docklands) 5-0
69kg Conor Reneghan (Keady) beat Brandon Mulligan (Clann Naofa) 5-0
69kg Sean Butler (Riverstown) beat Jack Prenderville (St Saviours OBA) RSC3
69kg Antoine Manin (Celtic Eagles) beat Darren Shannen (Muskerry) 5-0
75kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale) beat Michael Kinsella (St Anthonys) 4-1
75kg John Joe Nevin (Crumlin) beat Jack Brady (Crumlin) 5-0
75kg Shane O’Brien (St Francis) beat Jack Lawlor (Templemore) 3-2
75kg Daniel O’Sullivan (Lucan) beat Shane Dooley (St Ibars/Josephs) 3-2
75kg Martin Sweeney (St Catherines) beat Owen Bergin (Portlaoise) 4-1
75kg Oran Shields (Illies GG) beat Adam Farrell (Fr Flanagans) 3-2
75kg Rokas Balrukoni (Clane) W/O
81kg Faolan Rahill (DCU) beat Jordan Donoghue (Drimnagh) 5-0
91kg Marcin Skalski (Athlone) beat Michael McConigley (Illies GG) 4-1
91kg Shane Cunningham (Fr Horgans) W/O
91kg Thomas Maughan (Cavan) beat Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow) 5-0


52kg Sean Kavanagh (Monkstown D) W/O
52kg John Cowman (St Paul’s W) beat Ben Nelson (Townland) 5-0
57kg Jennifer Lehan (DCU) W/O
57kg Kellie McLoughlin (Drimnagh) beat Catherine Blaney (Navan) 5-0
60kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels Athy) beat John Paul Hale (Star) 5-0
60kg Teo Alin (Cookstown) beat Martin Noonan (Riverstown) 5-0
60kg Jack McGivern (St Georges) beat Andrei Alexander (Crumlin) 5-0