Kevin Sheehy, with St Francis BC coaches, Ken and Jimmy Moore, after today’s win, will meet Jake Patterson in the 81kg final


Please scroll down for results from today’s semi-finals at the National Senior Championships at Dublin’s National Stadium.

The match-ups are now identified for next Friday’s finals at the home of Irish boxing.

38 bouts were completed this weekend. 16 finals will be decided next weekend.

Finals Weigh-ins – 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm at the National Stadium.

National Senior Championships National Stadium Dublin

December 1st
Finals (7pm)
48kg Megan Doyle (Whitechurch) V Courtney Daly (Crumlin)
51kg Nycole Hayes (Togher) V Lois Walsh (Castlebar)
52kg Jordan Halpin (St Pauls Wat) V Kane Marshall (Emerald Antrim)
54kg Kellie McLoughlin (Drimnagh) V Niamh Earley (Ryston)
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) V Scott O’Connor (Ryston)
57kg Emma O’Neill (St Nicholas) W/O
60kg Siobhan Ni Laoire (Corpus Christi) V Aisling Murray (Muskerry)
60kg Terry McEntee (Old School) V Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh)
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) V Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub)
69kg Aoife O’Rourke (Castlerea) V Sarah Sheridan (Gorey)
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) V Thomas Myers (Sligo City)
75kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) V John Maughan (St Marys Dub)
81kg Nell Fox (Rathkeale) W/O
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow)  V Cathal Browne (Illies GG)
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) V Jake Patterson (Crumlin)

91+kg Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) V Antoine Griffin (Celtic Eagles)

November 25th

S/Finals (11am)
51kg Lois Walsh (Castlebar) beat Ciara Anderson (Twin Towns) 5-0
52kg Jordan Halpin (St Pauls Wat) beat Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) 5-0
52kg Kane Marshall (Emerald Antrim) beat Jason Smith (Blessington) 3-2
54kg Niamh Earley (Ryston) beat Shakira Coonghe (Douglas) 3-2
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) beat Christian Cekiso (Portlaoise) 3-2
56kg Scott O’Connor (Ryston) beat Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) 5-0
60kg Aisling Murray (Muskerry) W/O
60kg Terry McEntee (Old School) beat Craig Bonney (Hyland BA) 4-1
60kg Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Teo Allen (Cookstown) 5-0
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) beat Ryan O’Rourke (St Michaels Dub) 5-0
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub) beat  Michael Kinsella (St Anthonys /Pats) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) 5-0
69kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat Patrick Coney (The Loup) RSC1
75kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) beat Keelan Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) 3-1
75kg John Maughan (St Marys Dub)  beat Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family Drogheda) 3-2
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat James Daly (St Annes) 5-0
81kg Cathal Browne (Illies GG) beat Faolin Rahill (DCU Athletic) 5-0
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) beat Brian Mullen (St Annes) 5-0
91kg Jake Patterson (Crumlin) beat Kevin Cronin (Cashen Vale) RSC1
91+kg Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) beat James Barrett (Olympic) 5-0

91+kg Antoine Griffin (Celtic Eagles) beat Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow) 5-0

November 24th


Q/Finals (7pm)


60kg Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh) beat  Shane Flavin (Paulstown) 3-2
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub) beat  Jamie Long (Muskerry) 3-2
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat Daniel Foster (Mullingar Elite) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) 5-0
69kg Patrick Coney (The Loup) W/O
69kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City)  beat Phil Maloney (St Francis) AB3
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat Mark Fitzpatrick (Riverstown) 3-2
81kg James Daly (St Annes) beat Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath GG) 5-0
81kg Cathal Browne (Illies GG) beat David Tsotsoria (Illies GG) 4-1
81kg Faolin Rahill (DCU Athletic) beat  Brendan Kenny (Monivea) 4-1
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) beat Mark Scanlon (Ballinacarrow) AB2
91kg Kevin Cronin (Cashen Vale) beat Anthony Byrne (St Bernadettes) 4-0
91kg Jake Patterson (Crumlin) beat Pearse McDonnell (Star) RSC1
91+kg James Barrett (Olympic) beat  Dean Scullion (Loughshore) 5-0
91+kg Aidan O’Neill (Paulstown) beat Andrei Prutneau (St Brenadettes) RSC3
91+kg Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow) beat Patrick Lavery (Tredagh) RSC2

91+kg Antoine Griffin (Celtic Eagles) beat Martin Mongan (Corpus Christi) 5-0

November 18th

60kg Terry McEntee (Old School) beat Eoin Meaney (Leos) 5-0
60kg Theo Allen (Cookstown) beat Conor Murphy (Celtic Eagles) 3-2
64kg Jamie Long (Muskerry) beat Adam Kelly (Ballinacargy) 5-0
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) beat Karl O’Connor (Edenmore) 5-0
64kg Ryan O’Rourke (St Michaels D) beat Jordan Kennedy (St Pauls Wat) 5-0
64kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/St Pats) beat Malachy McDonald (Corrib) 5-0
69kg Daniel Foster (Mullingar Elite) beat Luke Maguire (Esker) 3-2
69kg Jason Kyne (Celtic Eagles) beat  Nathan Cranley (Monkstown Dublin) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Lee Reeves (Corpus Christi) 5-0
69kg Patrick Coney (The Loup) beat  Peter Fabian (St Marys Dublin) 5-0
69kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Seamus Lyons (Monkstown Dublin) 5-0
69kg Thomas Myers (Sligo City) beat Owen Bergin (Portlaoise) 4-1
60kg Craig Bonney (Hyland BA) beat Ben Teeling (Holy Family Drogheda) 5-0
69kg Phil Maloney (St Francis) beat Andy McDonagh (St Pauls Wat) 5-0
75kg Keelyn Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) beat Derek Duhig (St Francis) 5-0
75kg Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagle) beat  Adam Keenan (Gorey) 5-0
75kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin) beat Noel Donnelly (Dockers) 5-0
75kg Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family Drogheda) beat  Shane Dooley (Clonard) 5-0
81kg Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat Jordan O’Neill (Dublin Docklands) 3-0
81kg Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath GG) beat Simon Bangu (Dunboyne) 5-0
81kg James Daly (St Annes) beat John Connors Bray) 5-0
81kg David Tsotsoria (Illies GG) beat  Philip Hickey (Paulstown) 3-2
81kg Cathal Browne (Illies GG) beat Ryan Simcox (Charleville) 5-0
81kg Faolin Rahill (DCU Athletic) beat Kevin Kehoe (Marble City) 4-1

81kg Brendan Kenny (Monivea) beat  Oran Sheilds (Letterkenny) 5-0

November 17th

56kg Scott O’Connor (Ryston) beat Ben Nelson (Townland) 5-0
60kg Conor Murphy (Celtic Eagles) beat  Seamus OG Deeds (Emerald A) 3-2
60kg Theo Allen (Cookstown) beat  Gary McDonald (Corrib) 5-0
60kg Patryck Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Christopher Riggs (Mulhuddart) 5-0
60kg Shane Flavin (Paulstown) beat Robert Byrne (St Margarets) RSC1
64kg Jordan Kennedy (St Pauls Wat) beat Evan Fitzgerald (Esker) 5-0
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dublin) beat  Aaron Daly (Castlebar) 5-0
64kg Malachy McDonald (Corrib) beat   Sean Benson (St Francis) 5-0
64kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthoyns/Pats) beat  Nathan Fleet (Crumlin) 5-0
69kg Andy McDonagh (St Pauls Wat) beat Dominic Degan (Carrickmacross) 5-0
69kg Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) beat  Jamie Kennedy (Loughshore) 4-1
75kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin) beat Conall Deeney (Carrickmore) 4-1
75kg Noel Donnelly (Dockers) beat Wayne Duggan (St Margarets) RSC2
75kg Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family Drogheda) beat Shane Gallagher (All Saints Dub) 5-0
75kg Shane Dooley (Clonard) beat Shane O’Brien (Corpus Christi) 5-0