Olympic Federation of Ireland announces the list of Executive Committee candidates

The Olympic Federation of Ireland (OFI) yesterday announced the list of candidates running for places on its Executive Committee to serve a four-year term through to 2024. Full candidate information and bios have published on https://elections.olympics.ie/

The elections and the EGM will take place on-line because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

OFI member sports bodies will be asked to vote between 11.30am and 2pm on the day of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), scheduled to take place at 6pm on 8 December.  The process is being overseen by appointed independent scrutineers, Arthur Cox Solicitors. This will be the first election since OFI members voted unanimously in September to adopt 40% minimum gender balance for Executive Committee membership.

In the event of any ties in voting, delegates will be invited to cast supplementary votes to determine the ties once the EGM starts at 6pm. The final results of the election will be confirmed for members before the end of the EGM.

List of Candidates for election to the office of President
Sarah Keane (uncontested – nominated by Swimming)
List of Candidates for election to the office of First Vice President
Colm Barrington (uncontested – nominated by Sailing)
List of Candidates for election to the office of Second Vice President
Robert Norwood (uncontested – nominated by Snowsports)
List of Candidates for election to the office of Honorary General Secretary
Sarah O’Shea (uncontested – nominated by Badminton)
List of Candidates for election to non-Officer positions on the Executive Committee. Listed in alphabetical order by surname
Moira Aston (nominated by Canoeing)
Michelle Carpenter (nominated by Rowing)
Georgina Drumm (nominated by Athletics)
Ciaran Gallagher (nominated by Gymnastics)
Linda Morgan (nominated by Boxing)
PJ Nolan (nominated by Cycling)
PJ Reidy (nominated by Basketball)
Joe Reynolds (nominated by Horse Sport)
Lochlann Walsh (nominated by Triathlon)

The roles of President, First Vice Present, Second Vice President, and Honorary General Secretary have all been uncontested with the incumbents, Sarah Keane, Colm Barrington, Robert Norwood and Sarah O’Shea, the only candidates to have put their names forward for these roles. There are nine candidates seeking election for seven available non-officer Executive Committee positions.

Four members of the current Executive Committee will not be running as candidates in this election; Honorary Treasurer, Billy Kennedy, as well as Darren O’Neill, Denis Toomey and Robert Johnson. Under previously agreed constitutional amendments, the Honorary Treasurer officer position will be phased out from the date of these elections. Following the 2020 elections, the OFI will also be able to nominate two independent directors to its Executive Committee under changes made to its constitution in 2019.


Further Information:

Heather Boyle, OFI Athletes’ Commission Support and Public Relations Officer

heather@olympicsport.ie +353 87 337 1954

Nomination and Election regulations as well as candidate information and bios can be found at https://elections.olympics.ie/

The OFI constitution can be found at https://olympics.ie/about/governance/