Periods are a fact of life. So is Boxing – IABA Gifts Period Products to all clubs

IABA is gifting period packs every affiliated boxing club boxing club to combat period poverty and to support boxers. 

This unprecedented initiative, launched as part of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association’s celebration of Day of the Girl, is part of our Women in Sport pillar of programmes, driven by WIS Lead, Louise McKenzie.  IABA has partnered with Positive Period Ireland, and We Are Riley in this ground-breaking programme.  Riley is a Cork based producer of ethically manufactured and sustainable period products, prioritising biodegradable packaging and components and a clean supply chain. 

The packs will contain tampons, applicator tampons and pads to meet a variety of needs and will be delivered to over 350 boxing clubs on the island of Ireland over the coming weeks. 

WIS Lead Louise McKenzie, who is also a coach and former competitive boxers, says “No boxer should have to pause their training or competing because they don’t have access to period products – this partnership means that boxers in every club in Ireland will have in-club access to a variety of free, and sustainably produced, period products.” Louise adds “The gifting of period packs to boxing clubs also continues a conversation about periods, training and competing. That’s a dialogue in that’s already happening in many clubs, supported by IABA #FollowHerLead coach education seminars on the menstrual cycle and coaching teenage girls” 

Claire Hunt of Positive Period Ireland says “I am delighted to partner with the IABA on this initiative. We all need to work together to break the silence and help women and girls stay comfortable and active during their period. Sport has a massive platform, which can be used to start a conversation about periods in a space that you would never expect!”

We Are Riley Co-Founder to Lauren Duggan say “We couldn’t be happier to be partnering with the Irish Athletic Boxing Association on this amazing initiative they’ve put in place. This is a huge step in the right direction to fighting period poverty and ending the stigma surrounding periods once and for all. We’re very excited about this partnership and we’ve no doubt that it’ll have a positive impact.”

IABA would like to thank Sport Ireland Women in Sport programme for its continued support.

In order to ensure delivery to the most convenient address for clubs, please complete this form: 

Periods are a fact of life. So is Boxing. 

The IABA is also launching a series of programmes today, as part of Day of the Girl celebrations: 

1.                   Coaching Teenage Girls workshop 

3.                   LEAD: Round 2. This is the second phase of our LEAD – Women’s Boxing Programme which seeks to support boxing clubs across Ireland in engaging women in participating in our sport for fun and fitness. 

4.                   Optimising Performance & Recovery in Training & Competition workshop 

5.                   Renewed invitation to women Boxing Coaches to take part in our female coach networking event, in partnership with Athletics Ireland, Cycling Ireland, Rowing Ireland and Triathlon Ireland. 

For more information, please contact IABA’s Women in Sport Lead, Louise McKenzie, on IABA would like to thank Sport Ireland’s Women in Sport programme for its continued support. 

We Are Riley is an Irish period care subscription service founded by three friends; Lauren, Fiona and Aine. They started this business on the belief that our bodies deserve more. Stemming from their own real-life frustrations, they knew there had to be a better way of doing period care. Riley pads and tampons are made from 100% organic cotton, meaning there’s zero bleach, toxins or harmful chemicals in them. Plus they’re delivered to your door, so you never need to worry about running out. Want to learn more about Riley and get sustainable toxin-free period products delivered to your door? Use code IABA20 and get 20% off your first 3 months, order today at”