Quarter Final Results: 2022 National Senior Cadet Championships.

28 Quarter Finals were decided in the 2022 National Senior Cadet Championships at the National Stadium, Dublin, this evening:

  1. 63kg  Ryan Connolly (Setanta)                      W/O
  1. 52kg  Cormac Curley (Holy Trinity)              2-3       Aziz Abdulnasser (Ballymun)
  2. 52kg  Danny O’Neill (St John Bosco U)        W/O
  3. 52kg  Daniel McMahon (Monkstown D) RED WIN RSC2  Matthew McDonagh (Dukes)
  4. 52kg  Johnny Harty (Portlaoise)                     4-1       Martin McDonagh (Avona)
  1. 54kg  James Kelly (Holy Trinity)                   5-0       Cillian Sheridan (Gorey)
  2. 54kg  Conal Burns (Holy Trinity)                   4-1       Enda Lavin (Ballyhaunis)
  3. 54kg  Jack McNamee (Olympic L)                0-5       Jack Johnston (Marble City)
  4. 54kg  Rory McDaid (Illies GG)                     0-5       Jamie Barrett (Olympic C)
  1. 60kg  Josh Ormond (Palmerstown)    BLUE WIN RSC3      Dylan Conroy (Rathoath)
  2. 60kg  Michael Sweeney (Olympic C)            5-0       Felix Moorehouse (St Davids)          
  3. 60kg  Patrick Nevin (Mullingar Elite)            5-0       Tarik Militti (Cabra)
  4. 60kg  Ryan Jenkins (Olympic L)                    4-1       Shayne Quinn (St Pauls A)
  1. 63kg  Ruben Aigbologa (Mayfield)                5-0       Gary O’Connor (St Marys NR)
  2. 63kg  Martin Maughan (Whitechurch)           0-5       John McCarthy (Riverstown)
  3. 63kg  Martin O’Donnell (Ballymun)  RED WIN RCS2        Michael Sweeney (Drumsna)
  1. 66kg Archie Ritchie (All Saints)                    5-0       Peter Lawlor (De Courcey)
  2. 66kg Tadhg O’Donnell (Four Kings)             5-0       Joe McKeown (Drumsna)      
  3. 66kg Darragh Smyth (Clonard U)                  0-5       Edward Barrett (Titans)
  4. 66kg David Nevin (Kilcullen)                         W/O
  1. 75kg  Callum Flaherty (Olympic C)               0-5       Martin Lawrence (Neilstown)
  2. 75kg  Daniel McDonagh (Geesala)                W/O
  3. 75kg  James Maguire (Holy Family L)          5-0       Luke Broughton (Ashbourne)
  4. 75kg  Dylan McShane (St Pauls A)                W/O
  1. 80kg  Dale Neary (Castlebar)                         W/O
  2. 80kg  Marc Gorey (St Francis                        1-4       James Heaphy (Leeside Lough)
  3. 80kg  John Stokes (Neilstown)                       W/O
  4. 80kg John Phoenix (Four Kings)                    0-5       Jack Weatherall (St Pauls A)

Semi finals begin on Saturday; boxing starts at 11am:

QTR Final

  1. 63kg  Cillian Reilly (Jobstown)                      V         Ryan Connolly (Setanta)

Semi Final

  1. 50kg  Jordan Barrett (Olympic C)                  V         Grace Conway (Tredagh)
  2. 57kg  Ellisa O’Brien (Enniscorthy)                W/O
  3. 57kg  Shauna Riordan (Sliabh Luachra)         V         Ruby Hynes (Dunboyne)
  4. 57kg  Aliyah Flood (Monkstown D)              V         Kathleen Casey (Southside)
  5. 57kg  Aoife O’Neill (St Colmans)                  V         Siofra Lawless (Liberty)
  1. 42kg  Luke Mulhall (Docklands)                   V         Tiernan Cunningham (Dealgan)
  2. 42kg  Scott Thompson (Spartans)                   W/O
  3. 44kg  Ricco Donoghue (Portlaoise)                V         John Maughan (Crumlin)
  4. 44kg  Aaron Keogh (Drimnagh)                     V         Billy Carroll (Setanta L)
  1. 46kg  William Mongan (Drimnagh)               V         Lennox Fitzsimons (Docklands)
  2. 46kg  Alfie Jordan (Olympic L)                     V         Keelin Moore (Setanta L)
  3. 48kg  Daniel Philips (Rathoath)                     V         Jamie Graham (Clonard U)
  4. 48kg  Jamie Collins (Drimnagh)                     V         Antonio Bozkaya (East Meath)  
  5. 50kg  Sean Duke (Dukes)                               V         Oisin Gilheaney (Erne)    
  6. 50kg  John Mulligan (Templemore)                V         Calvin Doyle (Olympic L)     
  7. 52kg  Aziz Abdulnasser (Ballymun)               V         Danny O’Neill (St John Bosco U)  
  8. 52kg  Daniel McMahon (Monkstown D)       V         Johnny Harty (Portlaoise)

Break – Boxing Resumes at 2.45pm

  1. 54kg  James Kelly (Holy Trinity)                   V         Conal Burns (Holy Trinity)     
  2. 54kg  Jack Johnston (Marble City)                 V         Jamie Barrett (Olympic C)    
  3. 57kg  Danny O’Reilly (St Pauls W)               V         Marcus Barrett (Titans)     
  4. 57kg  Callum Carrager (Tredagh)                   V         Sam Brereton (Swords)  
  5. 60kg  Dylan Conroy (Rathoath)                     V         Michael Sweeney (Olympic C)              
  6. 60kg  Patrick Nevin (Mullingar Elite)            V         Ryan Jenkins (Olympic L)    
  7. 63kg  Ruben Aigbologa (Mayfield)                V         John McCarthy (Riverstown)      
  8. 66kg  Archie Ritchie (All Saints)                   V         Tadhg O’Donnell (Four Kings)      
  9. 66kg  Edward Barrett (Titans)                        V         David Nevin (Kilcullen)
  10. 70kg  Charlie Valbergs (Cherry Orchard)      V         Sean Maguire (St Brigids L)
  11. 75kg  Martin Lawrence (Neilstown)              V         Daniel McDonagh (Geesala)
  12. 75kg  James Maguire (Holy Family L)          V         Dylan McShane (St Pauls A)
  13. 80kg  Dale Neary (Castlebar)                         V         James Heaphy (Leeside Lough)
  14. 80kg  John Stokes (Neilstown)                       V         Jack Weatherall (St Pauls A)
  15. 80+kg Rocky Ward (Saviours Crystal)          V         Charlie McDonagh (Galway)
  16. 80+kg Adam Olaniyan (Jobstown)                 W/O

Competition arrangements:

Venue: National Boxing Stadium, Dublin

Boxing: July 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th 

Entries: An entry fee of €10 applies. Clubs must enter boxers with Stephen Connolly: s.connolly1961@yahoo.com and sally@iaba.ie by 12pm on Friday 24th June 2022. 

Weights: Girls 44kg-46kg, 48kg, 50kg, 52kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63kg, 66kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 80+kg

  Boys 44kg-46kg, 48kg, 50kg, 52kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63kg, 66kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 80+kg

(Lighter weights will be accommodated)

Draws: Monday 27th June at 2pm in the National Stadium. The draw is being conducted on the basis of pre-entry only.

Weigh-in: Boxers will only weigh in on each day that they box.

Weigh-in times: 8am – 9am & 12pm – 1pm in the National Stadium. Finals will be 8am – 9am.

Boxing Record books to be presented by the boxer at their initial weigh-in, if not previously given to the IABA.

Boxing: Times to be decided after the draw.

Duration of rounds: 3 X 2 minutes for both Boys and Girls.

Age requirements: Boxers born in 2006 & 2007

Anti-Doping: Boxers must advise details of any medication they are taking or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. Anti-Doping may be carried out at any stage of the competition. For queries regarding same, please contact Larry Morrison IABA Anti-Doping Officer on 086-0292476

Waiver: It is a condition of entry that all boxers and their clubs have signed and submitted the Members Acknowledgement Form.

Non Pregnancy Declaration Form: Female boxers and their parent/guardian must sign the non-pregnancy declaration form in their record book prior to entry.

Attire: Boxers with long hair must wear hairnets or swimming hats under their headgear. Long sleeved tops are not permitted under vests. Head-guards are put on prior to entering the ring.        

No Red, Pink or Orange Gum shields.

Coaches: They must wear full tracksuits and runners at all sessions in the corner.No shorts, caps or hats are permitted. Coaches must endeavour to set a high standard ofhygiene at all times.

Sportsmanship: All decisions must be accepted in a sporting manner. Any complaints must be addressed to the Chief Official, Mr Stephen Connolly. Please show respect to all ringside officials.

Conduct: Please be advised that Clubs will be held responsible for the conduct of theirsupporters throughout these Championships.

Please note that, under IBA rules, boxers who are engaged in ‘Other Physical Contact Sports’ are not eligible to compete. For more information, please visit www.iba.sport