Re-Launch: IABA Coach Education Pathway.

After a hiatus of over 2 years, the IABA is delighted to confirm the re-launch of the IABA Coach Education Pathway.

 This is possible through collaborative efforts ensuring value, high-quality boxing coaching training for aspiring coaches, and for qualified coaches who wish to build on their existing skills. The pathway has been designed to provide skills development to enable coaches to progress to the highest domestic level of qualification. 

The re-launched IABA Coach Education Pathway has three levels.

  • Fundamentals of Coaching Boxing-Assistant Coach – This course is for people wishing to begin their coaching career and gain an excellent grounding in fundamental technical aspects of boxing. Assistant coaches may sit at second corner in championship bouts.
  • Level 1 Club Coach –This course provides the minimum certification required for coaches to act as first corner in championship bouts and provides the technical grounding to enable coaches to bring boxers to competitive.
  • Level 2 Performance Coach–This course provides advanced technical skills and coaching techniques to Level 1 qualified coaches.

 The re-launched IABA Coach Education Pathway will follow this timetable:

Quarter Three, 2022: Fundamentals of Coaching Boxing -Assistant Coach courses will be made available.

Quarter Three, 2022-Quarter Two, 2023: Development of Level 1 Club Coach course.

Quarter Two, 2023: Level 1 Club Coach will be made available

Quarter Two, 2023-Quarter Three, 2023: Development of Level 2 Performance Coach course

Quarter Three, 2023: Level 2 Performance Coach course will be made available. 

The entry requirements, booking procedure, course details and payment methods will be provided here:

 The IABA, mindful of the span of time since the most recent Coach Education course, aims to host the first Fundamentals of Coaching Boxing (Assistant Coach) course in the National Stadium. Register your interest here:

 For further information, please contact IABA National Club Development Manager, James Geraghty on