Reminder: IABA To Host Sport Ireland “Sport for All” Disability Supports Club Fund Info Session.

Sport Ireland recently opened the application process for a €2million ‘Sport for All’ Disability Supports Club Fund. IABA is holding an information session for clubs, through Zoom, on Wednesday August 24th at 6pm. Registration below.

The funding scheme is open to IABA affiliated clubs; however, clubs should note the following:

Sport Ireland imposed a 15% funding cut on IABA on July 11th, following voting at the EGM on July 10th. This cut includes exclusion from certain grant and funding schemes. Sport Ireland has issued this advisory on Sport for All Disability Supports Fund and IABA affiliated clubs: “Clubs will be excluded from drawing down grants until such time as the IABA has made progress on the governance issues.” This means that IABA can accept and process applications for this grant and forward those applications on to Sport Ireland for processing at NGB level – however, IABA clubs which are successful in those applications will not be permitted by Sport Ireland to access those funds until governance issues are resolved. Sport Ireland has advised that funding awards will not expire.

The fund will support the initiation or enhancement of disability specific activities within grassroots sports clubs. Boxing Clubs can apply directly to the IABA for funding under this scheme. The IABA will then in turn submit a consolidated application on behalf of our clubs to Sport Ireland.

Clubs can apply for funding of between €1,000 and €5,000 to support the following areas:

  1. Disability Supports Education & Training
  2. Disability Supports Programme Activation and Delivery
  3. Disability Supports Small Scale Equipment and Infrastructure

Clubs can apply for this grant through the following online application form

  • The application deadline is 5pm on August 29th
  • The application form is relatively short, but it does ask the following questions, so please give it due consideration before completing the application:
    • Please outline your Club’s proposal under the Sport for All Disability Supports Club Fund. (max 500 words)
    • Please provide an expenditure overview of how the funding would be utilised.
    • Please insert the total amount of funding being applied for. (Min €1000 Max €5,000)

If you have any questions on the grant, please send them to National Club Development Manager, James Geraghty in advance so that as many can be answered as possible.