Restructuring of the IABA emerges as top priority in online member Strategic Consultation.

Respondents to IABA’s online member Strategic Consultation have identified structural reform of the federation as their key priority.

The consultation was launched in advance as IABA prepares for the development of a Strategic Plan, 2024-2028. This process kicks off with the first member Strategic Forum at the National Stadium Dublin, at 1.30pm on November 11th. The Strategic Forum is open to all adult members, and registration is not required.

When asked what areas of governance reform they would most like to see across the association, 53% of respondents highlighted structural reform:

Key points:

44% of respondents were from Leinster

41% of respondents have been in boxing for more than 30 years

32% of respondents were aged 55-64 years old.

Among their positive contributions to the growth and development of boxing, respondents noted:

*Cavan diversion programme Cavan school completion programme school and colleges. Currently working with Cavan development board with refugees and other misplaced adults as well as classes due to begin in Cavan Ukrainian centre for those interested. Awards from Cavan C.C. and Cavan T.C. 

*Teaching the right aspects of boxing 

*Developed a policy of inclusiveness to give all boxing levels the opportunity to engage in the sport 

*Started a new club in a town that had no previous history in boxing

Members are asked to share their views on the Board of Directors, Central Council, Provincial Councils/Units, High-Performance, and Staff, as well as on the governance of the federation.

The consultation was anonymous.